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Archives: June 2017

    The Countries Already Living on 100% Renewable Energy

    Renewable energy doesn’t just have to benefit the environment. The impact of a country investing in renewable energies can be exponential. Invest in the right technologies and an economy, as well as the environment, can really flourish. Not only can it make bills cheaper for people right across the land but renewables need great scientific minds to design the technology... Read more

    Renewable Energy Use in America, Europe and the World

    The current climate crisis is one of the gravest dangers to our planet as we know it. Sea levels are rising higher and higher each year. Temperatures are hotter than ever before. Glaciers have shrunk to record levels. For our communities on planet earth this makes for a vicious cocktail that is brewing for disaster. A disaster that could... Read more

    5 Businesses Embracing the Renewable Energy Revolution

    As the costs of implementing renewable energies drop, the price of fossil fuels continue to rise and businesses around the world realise there are long term risks to operating their business in a way that impacts the environment, the overbearing message from corporations is that they need to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and address the climate change crisis. ... Read more

    Save Money: 4 Businesses Who Are Making a Profit from Recycling

    To most of us recycling means nothing more than splitting the plastics from the paper and the cardboard from the glass jars. To some though, recycling can be a huge business opportunity that is not only great for UK landfills, but is also a recipe for the self-made millionaire. It is it any surprise though? With recycling estimated to... Read more

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