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Archives: October 2015

    The UK's Most Haunted Toilets

    Public bathrooms can be a pretty scary sight (depending on their cleanliness) with many potential frights lurking in the loo. All of these anxieties will be heightened as Halloween draws near and stories circulate about the ghosts and ghouls calling the bathroom home. We take a closer look at 5 of the UK's toilets that are know solely for their spooky encounters;  ... Read more

    How to increase shower water pressure

    Many houses suffer from low water pressure, and this can be frustrating when it comes to enjoying a great shower. Low pressure can be due to many reasons, from blocked or poorly designed pipework to low mains pressure. Ever wondered how to increase water pressure in your home? Check out our tips below... If you’re having problems with... Read more

    Bleeding Central Heating Systems and Radiators

    Central heating systems are designed to keep our homes warm, but they don’t always work as effectively as they could do. If your radiators are not heating up properly, it probably means that the system needs bleeding. The process of bleeding central heating pump should be done regularly and is fairly simple... Why Radiators Need Bleeding As... Read more

    Grundfos Pumps: Leading the way for energy optimised pump development

    Many people may be surprised to know that humble pumps account for almost 10% of electricity demand worldwide! An essential element of urban life, from circulating water for buildings, gardens and swimming pools, pumps are a day to day necessity - but how do we cut down on the vast amount of energy wasted by our pumps? The problem has been... Read more

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