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Introducing the new Grundfos SCALA2

Grundfos SCALA2

Credit: Grundfos.

We have exciting news to reveal: the new Grundfos SCALA2 is now available here at Anchor Pumps! The WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved SCALA2 Grundfos pump is new product that promises to provide consistent water pressure in every tap in your house every hour of the day – this also includes when several taps/showers are running simultaneously.

The Grundfos SCALA2 offers pump, tank, motor, drive and a non-return valve all in the one place. Designed to handle automatic control to your pumping needs, this Grundfos pump can intelligently adjust its performance to affect your inlet pressure as well as the water consumption to your home simply by monitoring your usage. That’s not all though, as it also possesses a water-cooled motor – so this pump emits hardly any noise at all and is one of the quietest boosters on the market currently!

You may be wondering how they achieve this intelligent pumping controls? Well the SCALA2 is fitted with a sensor that frequently measures the discharge pressure. Therefore, if the water pressure in your home drops below what it should be, the pump will start working harder in order to compensate for the drop in pressure. So, in essence: your home will never be affected by sub-par water pressure again.

There are several benefits to the Grundfos SCALA2 that make it one of the most unique products on the market currently:

Perfect water pressure – The pumps are intelligently designed so that they can control their output based on the needs of your home.

Easy installation – Comes in a compact case that includes the pump and pump, providing the ultimate all-in-one solution.

User Friendly – the easy-to-use operating system is simple to understand so any layman can use it with relative ease.

Minimal noise – Emits low noise levels, unlike many other booster pumps on the market that make a racket.

Affordable – These pumps are perfectly affordable as well as being great value for money in the long run.

Long lasting – Has been through rigorous quality checks and needs zero maintenance, Grundfos offer a five-year warranty as standard.

Quality reliability – The pumps are protected from dry-running and possess anti-cycling technology.

While the Grundfos SCALA2 is ideal for residential buildings (as it can handle up to three floors and 8 taps), it also possesses other applications should you need them. The pump can be used for boosting from tanks – including roof tanks, break tanks and ground tanks – and wells as having the ability to pump water from a depth of 8 metres.

With the Grundfos SCALA2 pump, you will never again have to worry about having to cut a shower short again just because someone else in the house is using the water. Be sure to check out the range of Grundfos Pumps on our site.

Check out this installation video provided by Grundfos:

Grundfos Pumps Win United Nations Momentum Award

The United Nations has recognised Grundfos Pumps for its technological advances in sustainable water solutions in underdeveloped nations.


Their initiative, Lifelink, was one of 15 to win the United Nation’s Momentum for Change: Lighthouse Activity Award in the Information and Communication Technologies section.

The company has received global recognition for its work in developing new technologies to address issues relating to water supply in Kenya and Uganda.

The Paris Climate Conference

The United Nations applauded Grundfos for the efforts they have made in providing “some of the most practical, scalable and replicable examples of what people, businesses, governments and industries are doing to tackle climate change and wider economic, social and environmental challenges”.

They beat more than 425 other initiatives to win this prestigious award, which they hope will highlight their efforts in countries where access to clean, safe and drinkable water is still proving to be a challenge.

Grundfos also works in Taiwan in the fight against climate change, ensuring that their initiatives are energy-efficient with low carbon emissions.

Sustainable Options

Most of Grundfos’ sustainable water supply solutions rely on renewable energy via solar power, which is abundant in these areas of the world.

To date they have focused their attention on Africa, but recently announced they have developed two new products: AQtap and AQPure.

AQtap helps the utility providers to maintain the water system and to control the price of water supplied. AQpure converts water that would otherwise be unfit to drink into safe drinking water.

Wider General Product Range

Of course, Grundfos does not just manufacture products for use in underdeveloped countries. They also make products for the domestic and commercial markets in the developed world.

They are currently part of a Water Technologies alliance that shares knowledge and technology with American utilities providers.

And they provide the CRN pumps at hydrogen refuelling stations in Denmark that help the hydrogen flow into hydrogen-fuelled cars.

They have been involved in installing their high-quality pumps in the new state-of-the-art children’s hospital at Alderhey, Liverpool.

In the residential market Grundfos is also well known for its high-quality central heating and sewage pumps. And in recent months, they have been selling submersible pumps to help in areas affected by flooding.

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Grundfos Pumps and Alder Hey Hospital


With 270 beds, 16 digitally enhanced operating theatres spread over five storeys and an indoor tree-house where children can play while convalescing, the brand new £237 million Alder Hey Children’s Hospital is a wonderful healing environment featuring some of the best paediatric facilities in the world. The state-of-the-art hospital requires an efficient, state-of-the-art infrastructure, which is why the decision was made to fit Grundfos pumps throughout the facility.

Alder Hey Anchor Pumps
Built inside Springfield Park, Liverpool, the design of the new hospital has been heavily influenced by the thousands of children that passed through the doors of the original hospital building since it was founded more than 100 years ago. Known as Alder Hey in the Park, the new facility also features a multi-million-pound medical research centre and has parking for 1,200 vehicles. It will be used by around 275,000 youngsters each year.

The original Alder Hey was one of the first sites to install energy-efficient Magna Grundfos pumps back in 2002, so the developers of the new building knew this was a brand that could be relied on to deliver.
22a109b201f1fa6d7ffee0c8f91e9cd9_400x400The complex heating, cooling and ventilation needs of a hospital mean that it’s essential to fit pumps that can operate on demand twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Following consultations with the developers, Grundfos assisted with the specification and supply of more than 70 speed-controlled pumps and booster sets. Grundfos also supplied pressurisation units and ancillary equipment. The supporting role the pumps play at Alder Hey will be a crucial element in ensuring that patients remain as comfortable as possible throughout their stay.

Alder Hey in the Park could not have been completed without the generous fundraising efforts of groups all over the country. Anchor Pumps, a leading supplier of Grundfos Pumps, is just one of the many companies that contributed towards the effort to get the new facility off the ground. In the run-up to Christmas 2014, £1 every online order placed at Anchor Pumps was donated to Alder Hey children’s charity to raise funds for the new building. With the help of various other suppliers who backed the campaign, Anchor Pumps managed to raise an incredible £3,400 through the initiative.

Alder Hey Anchor Pumps

Grundfos Pumps: Leading the way for energy optimised pump development

Many people may be surprised to know that humble pumps account for almost 10% of electricity demand worldwide! An essential element of urban life, from circulating water for buildings, gardens and swimming pools, pumps are a day to day necessity – but how do we cut down on the vast amount of energy wasted by our pumps?


The problem has been that it requires a huge amount of electricity to move the motor that drives the pump that carries the water. Grundfos Pumps, the world’s largest pump manufacturer, believes that there is much room for energy-efficiency improvements for this process. This in turn means energy-saving opportunities for domestic and industrial users alike.

The solution is to halt energy wastage. At present, many domestic and industrial users install pumps that are far too large for the job they are supposed to do. Then they switch the device on and leave it run, often at its top speed.

The secret here is an automatic speed adjustment, Grundfos says. Think of a shower pump. It only needs to be switched on for the duration of a shower. But many homeowners can leave it running all day.

On a larger scale, Grundfos Pumps managed to achieve significant energy savings for Vietnam’s Ca Mau Municipal Water Supply Company. Representatives of Grundfos visited one of the company’s pumping stations on the Mekong River Delta. This location was used to pump ground water, and the Grundfos team observed something strange as the 30 kilowatt (kW) pump was only managing to produce an output of just 45 cubic metres per hour. Such a large pump was far too big for the job in question, and most of the energy used to drive it was wasted.

Further checks by the Grundfos team followed. The team concluded that the Vietnamese company should replace its old pumps with new ones of an appropriate size. They also needed to modify their pumping stations accordingly. The aim was to reduce the pumps’ energy consumption from 0.33kW per cubic metre to 0.21 kW per cubic metre.

The company installed Grundfos Pumps models P60 and SP46, and within just one month, the target had been achieved!

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Grundfos Pumps ATMs Dispense Clean Water Instead Of Cash

In the Western world we’re used to using vending machines to get products and ATMs to draw out cash, but in a new development in Kenya, ATMs are now being used to deliver fresh water with the help of Grundfos Pumps.

Grundfos Pumps Kenya
The Problem

When Danish pump specialist Grundfos began to look at how water was being distributed in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, it found a problem. It wasn’t that water wasn’t available, though. It discovered people were able draw water from central taps for a fee; the problem was that the money they paid wasn’t necessarily finding its way back into funding the water treatment process. This meant that the projects aimed at providing clean water were being starved of funds.

The Solution

The solution the company came up with was a machine rather like an ATM for water. Users put credit on a water card, either via retailers or via a mobile phone. They can then use this card to draw clean water from the machine in measured amounts. Users pay the equivalent of 13 pence for a 20-litre can of water.

The project in still in its pilot stages and is being trialled in Uganda, Thailand and Nigeria as well as in Kenya. An added benefit is that the machines are able to collect data on how often the machine is used and how much water is being drawn. This means that water development programs can see how effective their work is and where most water is being used.

Anchor Pumps and Grundfos Pumps

Anchor Pumps is proud to be associated with Grundfos Pumps and its innovative scheme. We stock the full range of Grundfos pumps, including domestic models such as central heating pumps, shower pumps and home booster systems. For commercial use, we can also supply Grundfos pumps for a variety of applications, including submersible pumps and multi-stage pumps as well as pressure vessels and tanks.