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Stuart Turner Pumps – Guarantees you can trust with Anchor Pumps

Stuart Turner is the leading name for all of your commercial or domestic water pump solutions, providing an expert and reliable service that people have trusted since 1906.

Stuart Turner Pumps

Even though you can rely on Stuart Turner Pumps to provide innovative, cutting-edge products that are designed to last, for extra peace of mind industry-leading guarantees are now available as standard on Monsoon Pumps, Monsoon Extra Universal and Standard Pumps from the brand here at Anchor Pumps.

When you purchase a Stuart Turner Monsoon Pump, you get an amazing five-year guarantee as standard. These high-quality shower pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications, and with different specifications to choose from, you can be rest assured of finding the right pump to suit your needs. Now, with the free Stuart Turner Pumps five-year guarantee, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ve chosen an outstanding product.

The free five-year warranty also extends to Stuart Turner Monsoon Extra Universal and Standard Pumps. These robust booster pumps are ideal for heavy domestic use or even light commercial applications.

As these amazing guarantees now come as standard, there is no need to register your details online or have to remember to keep your confirmation email and registration number safe.

These five-year guarantees are a true testament to the exacting standards and reliability of Stuart Turner Pumps. Every pump is rigorously inspected under the Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008 and then individually put through its paces during testing before it can leave the factory. This means you can expect exemplary standards from this leading brand.

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Stuart Turner Pumps: Kilimanjaro Trek 2015

Better known for their skill in manufacturing water-pumping systems, the brave and adventurous team at Stuart Turner Pumps recently got their blood pumping extra hard in a marathon climb up Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest point.

The grueling and challenging eight-day trek was the latest venture by the team to raise much needed funds for the Stuart Turner Charitable Trust, a registered charity that exists to give help to not-for-profit organisations that work within the community. Grants are issued to organisations within the RG9 postcode, helping groups such as those in financial difficulty, the disadvantaged and elderly or disabled.

Stuart Tuner Pumps

The Stuart Turner Pumps team set off on the arduous trek on the 2nd April, departing from Heathrow and flying via Nairobi to Kilimanjaro International Airport. After a night in a hotel, it was goodbye to mod cons for the rest of the trip, as they got used to living in tents and climbing each day. In order to get used to the high altitude, they actually slept each night at a lower altitude than that which they’d climbed to during the day.

A team of 51 porters joined the climb alongside the Stuart Turner Pumps climbers, including cooks and assistants, medical porters and guides. Despite rain for the first few days, which made for miserable conditions as everyone got soaked to the skin, on the evening the fourth day the sun did come out, giving the team their first glimpse of the mountain itself, covered in snow and looking very far away.

Despite the hardship, the venture was a resounding success with everyone returning triumphant, albeit with sore muscles!

Well done from all the team at Anchor Pumps – great achievement!


What Type of Shower Pump Do I Need?

Few things in life are more annoying than a shower that doesn’t have enough power behind it. Let’s face it – a trickle of water just doesn’t feel as if it’s getting the job done. This is why choosing the right shower pump is important. If your home has poor water pressure, a shower pump can put that right by boosting the water flow and enabling you to enjoy a satisfying, powerful shower experience.

If you find yourself asking what shower pump do i need? Here are some tips and recommendations from the team at Anchor Pumps to help;

What Shower Pump Do I Need

Firstly, check the kind of boiler you have in your home. Your choice of shower pump will depend on whether you have a conventional system or a combi-boiler system. Next you need to decide whether you require a positive or negative head shower pump. This may sound a bit daunting, but it’s really quite straightforward. If the vertical distance between the base of your cistern tank and your shower head is 500mm or more, you need a positive head pump, as this kind of system relies on gravity to get the water to your shower head. However, if your shower head is situated at or above the level of your cistern tank, then a negative head pump is what you need, as this system sucks the water from the tank to take to your shower head.

Just bear in mind that if you have more than one shower in your home in need of a boost, then you’ll want to select a more powerful model.You also need to take into account where the pump will be stored – most will live in the water tank.

That covers the basics, and now comes the next part: choosing from the various brands. The amount of choice can seem a little daunting, but in our opinion there are three shower pump models that stand out for their combination of high performance and low noise levels.

Stuart Turner is a major name in shower pumps, and the company’s Monsoon range has a great reputation. Made from high-quality brass, there are various models to choose from, including single-head or twin-head options, and all are low-voltage and therefore cost-effective.

The Salamander CT Force range offers high quality regenerative pumps, value for money, brass construction, low maintenance, reliability, efficiency and quietness. They are also easy to install and will last you for a good number of years.

Grundfos pumps offer carefully designed, well-constructed and thoroughly reliable pumps which are easy to install and fitted with high-density long-life carbon-graphite seals, integral controls and anti-vibration feet.

However, if you’re looking for a quality pump priced at under £150 which will be just as effective as costlier models, then take a look at the Stuart Turner ShowerMate Eco S2.0 Twin or the Salamander CT75 Xtra 2.0 Bar – both represent excellent value for money.

Keep these tips in mind and you can’t go far wrong! 

How Can I Improve the Shower Water Pressure?

Does it take you a long time to run a bath? Is your shower a trickle rather than a flow? Does the toilet cistern take for ever to refill?
All of these may be symptoms of low water pressure.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure may be due to a number of things.

The best place to check it is at the cold tap in your kitchen, as this is usually connected directly to the mains – if pressure is low here, it’s likely to be an external issue. This could be temporary and possibly due to work being carried out in the area. If it’s good here but poor elsewhere in the house, then there’s likely to be a problem with your internal plumbing.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to internal problems such as low-pressure showers, and that’s to fit a Home booster pump. You need to find out what kind of heating system you have – whether it’s gravity-fed, unvented or a combi boiler – but there are Home booster pump available for all types.

If your mains pressure is low, then a mains booster pump is what you need, as this will improve the pressure throughout your property.

On the other hand, if the mains pressure is good, you can address internal problems by opting for a booster pump to provide more pressure at a particular outlet. This can pep up your shower or help to cut down the time it takes you to fill a bath. It also eliminates the problem of electric showers cutting out when the pressure drops due to someone turning on a tap or flushing the toilet.

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Stuart Turner Pumps Kilimanjaro Charity Climb

Anchor Pumps is delighted to share the news that one of our key suppliers, Stuart Turner Pumps, is starting a particularly adventurous challenge to raise vital funds for the Stuart Turner Charitable Foundation.

A team of ten from the organisation are now training to tackle the notorious climb of Kilimanjaro this Easter. The event will see them take on a gruelling seven-day feat of endurance to reach the summit and raise over £10,000 for the Foundation.

Stuart Turner Pumps

The brave – and some might say crazy – team will be walking between six and nine hours each day, with a final 15-hour non-stop trek on the last day in a bid to reach the mountain’s summit.

The team from Stuart Turner already has experience in the field, however, having successfully undertaken a series of fundraising events in the past. Each participant has personally given £500 towards to the event’s cost and has covered all of the equipment, vaccination and visa costs. However, there is still a fundraising challenge of £20,000 to meet to ensure that the Charitable Trust receives full benefits.

The Stuart Turner Charitable Foundation was set up in 2012 as an independent registered charity. It exists to help not-for-profits that deliver local activities to benefit the community – particularly activities for groups such as the elderly, disadvantaged, disabled or financially hard-up. It issues grants to those organisations working within RG9 – the postcode from which Stuart Turner has long operated since it was set up in 1906.

The Foundation has made sizeable grants to My Life Choice, the Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children and Headway Thames Valley, amongst others.

The team are seeking help and contributions to raise £10,000 minimum for the Charitable Foundation. They will be volunteering in the local community to raise funds in the coming weeks by washing cars and packing bags.

There are different ways in which you can contribute.Full details are available at: