Positive & Negative Shower Pumps Explained

If you are installing a shower or replacing one, there are so many things to consider. You’ll need to know about the flow of your water as well as which floor you are putting the shower in.  As well as deciding on the type of shower which suits you, you also need to think about the pump.

shower pumps explained

You don’t want shower pumps which are too noisy for a start. You also need to know whether to buy positive or negative shower pumps. This will depend on where your cistern or water tank is in your house. Although this may sound complicated, it is pretty straightforward.

Just think about where in the house your shower is – is it on the top floor or ground floor? You then need to know where it is in relation to your water tank or cistern.

You will need a positive shower pump if the bathroom and showers are on floors below the water tank – that is, your cold water tank is in the attic or if the cold water tank is above the shower head if you live in a single-storey flat or bungalow.

A positive pump needs a flow rate of at least 0.6 litres a minute and relies on gravity to start the impellers to pump hot and cold water. This type of pump must also be at least 50cm from the cistern.

A negative shower head pump works by sucking water from the tank to the shower and is the best choice for when the shower head is at the same level or higher than the water tank. This can be used in loft conversions, for example.

It is possible for a house to need both types of shower pumps, depending on where the showers are located – ground floor or top floor – and where the water tank is kept.

The tank position to the shower head does suggest the variety of pump that’s needed (positive or negative) however this is a general rule and as a general rule there are always exceptions. For example the shower type is important, generally an electric shower won’t work with a pump or a steam shower will need negative pump where a positive would usually work. If you are unsure on which pump is best for you, please contact our sales team.

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Q&A: Calpeda National Sales Manager, Jon Bennett

Here at Anchor Pumps, we have a close relationship with all our manufacturers, working together to ensure all our customers receive the highest quality products, advice and after sales service.

One particular manufacturer we have a very close working relationship with is the team at Calpeda Pumps. With over 40 year’s industry product knowledge, Calpeda are now one of the UK’s leading pump manufacturers. We caught up with the brands national sales manager, Jon Bennett to find out the secret behind Calpeda’s success, the products and their future plans for the business.

calpeda collage

1. How long have you worked for Calpeda?
I have worked at Calpeda for over 17 years and have worked in the pump industry for nearly 27 years in total.

2. What do you think makes Calpeda such valued a manufacturer?
Without question it’s the focus on quality & reliability of the products that we manufacture, which is an ethos that has held true from the Company’s inception in 1959 to the present day. Every single pump manufactured undergoes a thorough test procedure from the smallest peripheral pump through to the largest end suction pump, guaranteeing performance and reliability for the user.
Allied to this is our focus on providing a complete all round customer service from advice & technical support right through to onsite service & commissioning of our pumps and booster sets.

3. How has the range of products changed / improved since you joined the team?
It’s interesting to see how Calpeda have evolved over the years to keep pace with changes in industry and the markets we serve. 15 years ago our main market was the OEM sector supplying pumps for equipment such as chillers, thermal transfer & commercial dishwashing machines. Today, whilst we still supply these markets we are increasingly active in the Building Services sector supplying a wide range of variable speed booster sets which are all assembled and tested at our UK headquarters in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

4. What is the main focus for Calpeda in 2015?
For many years we have been active members of the British Pump Manufacturers Association (B.P.M.A) and at a European Level with Europump assisting in setting and improving standards across the industry. A major focus for the last few years has been in complying with the European ErP directives to improve the design & efficiencies of energy consuming equipment. This year sees three new directives come into effect: Efficiency of Centrifugal water pumps – From 1 January 2015 all centrifugal water pumps that fall within the regulation must attain a Minimum Efficient Index (MEI) of 0,40. Efficiency of Electric Motors – From 1 January 2015 motors between 7,5 – 375kW are required to have efficiency levels not less that IE3 or meet with IE2 efficiency levels and be equipped with a variable speed drive. European Directive for Efficient of Circulators – From August 2015 of this year all glandless circulators up to hydraulic powers of 2500w must have an efficiency index (EEI) of less than 0.23.

In addition to this 2015 will see Calpeda bring a significant number of new innovative products to market including the i-MAT; a new range of motor mounted variable speed drives which will enhance our already comprehensive range of booster sets as well as being suitable for controlling pumps in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.

2015 is a significant year for Calpeda UK as we undergo major restructuring at our Bicester Headquarters with the addition of a 20,000 sqft building, doubling the size of our existing facility and also our UK Technical Centre will be relocating to a 3000 sqft office facility in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

5) How would you describe the brand in 3 words?
Tradition, Quality, Innovation

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Q&A: KSB Pumps Sales Engineer, Jon Stanley

The Anchor Pumps team take great pride in building long lasting relationships with our manufacturers, and KSB Pumps is no exception!

With over 130 years’ experience within the pump industry, KSB provide only the highest quality products which are extremely popular with Anchor Pumps customers.

We spoke with our KSB Pumps sales representative Jon Stanley to find out the secret behind this longstanding manufacturers success, the brands future developments and strong business values that have been in place since the company was founded during Victorian era.

KSB Pumps

1. How long have you worked for KSB Pumps?
I have worked at KSB Pumps for a total of 3 years.

2. What do you think makes KSB Pumps such valued a manufacturer?
The KSB brand stands for excellent quality, expert consulting and maximum reliability. We have long-lasting products using innovative technology to meet the very highest requirements in a wide range of applications. We provide technical support to customers, supplying application-specific products and services. This all helps us to build reliable relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.KSB are also committed to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact corporate initiative and foster ecological, fair and sustainable business policies and practices.

3. How has the range of KSB Pumps changed / improved since you joined the team?
As Energy efficiency is becoming more important around the world, our Eta family of pumps have undergone a major overhaul to become amongst the most efficient pumps currently available. With the Eta family, we now offer our customers high-efficiency pumps suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The Etanorm, Etaline and Etabloc series already meet international directives and regulations on reducing energy consumption due to be adopted from 2015 to implement the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol.

In 2012, KSB acquired Danish pump manufacturer Smedegaard with the aim of securing KSB building services/ project business in the areas of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. Distributed through KSB’s sales organisation, these products are now reaching a broader customer base.

4. What is the main focus for KSB pumps in the next 12 months?
KSB’s new class leading IE4 efficiency SuPremE®  motor. This is already so energy-efficient that it meets the 2017 ErP regulations on lowering energy consumption today.

5. How would you describe the KSB brand in 3 words?
I would have to say quality, expertise and reliability !

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Q&A: Stuart Turner Training Manager, Richard Ballard


Here at Anchor Pumps, we take pride in developing great working relationships with our suppliers and Stuart Turner is certainly one manufacturer we have a strong association with. “Engineered to excel” is the brands message and we couldn’t agree with this more!

Stuart Turner pumps are extremely popular with Anchor Pumps customers; therefore we decided to sit down with the brands UK training manager Richard Ballard to find out a little more about the manufacturer from inside company walls….

1. How long have you worked for Stuart Turner? Stuart Turner’s training manager Richard Ballard to find out a little more about the manufacturer from inside company walls….

I have worked for Stuart Turner for twenty six years, in various roles including Quality Manager, Customer Support Manager and Area Sales Manager.

2. What do you think makes Stuart Turner such a great brand?
With over 100 years of engineering excellence in manufacturing quality products, we know what we’re doing! The Stuart Turner name is synonymous with quality and reliability and has gained an enviable reputation. We have many loyal customers who recognise the quality, engineering and reliability our pumps offer. We still have people calling our PumpAssist team to talk about a pump that is over 30 years old and in today’s throw-away culture, that’s something to shout about. Ultimately, the best way to market a company is through word of mouth and we have many people happily passing on the good word.

3. How has the Stuart Tuner range changed / improved since you joined the team?
As a forward looking and innovative company we continually strive to improve our products to make them even more reliable and economical to use. We have a research and development team dedicated to continuous product improvement, design innovation and the enhancement of our manufacturing capabilities. In my time we have made changes to motors to ensure they are more efficient, by doing this we have been able to make the footprint of the pump smaller, which makes them easier to install in a wider range of applications.

In recent years we have developed and introduced our highly successful Showermate shower pumps, the new Techflo range and the innovative Flomate mains boost pumps. Flomate pumps have been designed specifically to solve the problems associated with low mains water pressure in direct feed plumbing systems where there is no cold water break tank. We have also introduced Wasteflo – a unique range of macerators, lifting stations and shower waste pumps which are extremely simple to specify, install and maintain.

4. Why is training so important to Stuart Turner and what is involved with the training procedure?
Training is an important part of what we are trying to do at Stuart Turner. It provides an avenue in which to communicate with our customers and more importantly listen to their issues or suggestions for the future. By offering training at so many levels we are able to train students, distributors, customers and very importantly installers. For instance, we are working with colleges across the UK to support Level 3 NVQ Domestic Plumbing and Heating courses by providing training seminars and donating products for the students to work on within the workshops. Stuart Turner obviously has a vested interest in the installers of the future and this is a great way for us to help the next generation of installers gain the necessary skills and knowledge. It also provides us with an opportunity to help secure the future of the industry and hopefully build on our fan base along the way!

5. How would you describe Stuart Turner in 3 words?
Ah, that’s easy…Quality, Reliability and Excellence! Simple.

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Q&A: How to fix a noisy shower pump

The loud and irritating noise of a shower pump that echoes throughout the house can be pretty infuriating, and we are often asked by many of our customers “How can I fix a noisy shower pump?”

To help, we’re taking a look at the reasons behind this common problem and most importantly, how to STOP the loud and irritating noise coming from your shower pump!

noisy shower pump

What causes a noisy shower pump?

Generally, the majority of shower pumps are noisy. A shower pump’s mechanism produces vibrations and this is what usually creates an unpleasant noise that can be heard when water is being run.

We have found that it is generally the cheaper pump models that cause the loudest noises – as the product is made from cheaper components that that are more likely to vibrant.

However, most of the noise that can be heard is the sound of water running through the pump.

Which shower pumps are the quietest?

Although you should expect some level of noise from your shower pump, some models ARE quieter than others. This is all down to the brand that you choose and the quality of the product. As we mentioned above, cheaper pumps are characteristically more likely to vibrant, causing a louder noise.

Many of the top shower pump manufacturers have taken numerous steps to resolve this issue for their customers, using high quality materials that offer a quieter vibration when in use. Grundfos in particular have focused on creating noise reducing products, which aim to emit an extremely low operating noise whilst still maintaining the highest performance.

Popular manufacturer Stuart Turner has also tackled this problem, designing a range of shower pumps that feature anti-vibration feet to help keep noise to a minimum.

Many of Salamanders shower pumps now also now quote ‘Quiet’ on their products, stating that their range of shower pumps are relatively quieter in operation  to other pumps on the market.

How Can I Reduce the Noise of My Shower Pump?

If you already own a shower pump and are looking for simple ways to reduce the noise, a popular solution is to mounting your pump onto a concrete block, which will help absorb the vibrations and in turn, reduce the noise.

Stuart Turner has also launched anti-vibration noise reducing pump mounting pads, which provides improved sound insulation to address the problem.  Here is a  perfect example of how the anti-vibration pads will help: “I have recently installed a shower pump which is located in the airing cupboard in a bathroom. Due to the way the airing cupboard is made, the vibration caused by the pump is causing a loud echoing noise throughout the house”. To resolve this issue, our expert team would suggest Anti-vibration pads or in some cases even concrete slabs to act as an anti-vibration pad to help reduce the noise.

Another tip is to make sure that the pipes surrounding your shower pump are fully secured and supported. This can help to limit the vibrations which can be transferred throughout your water systems.

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Do you have any top tips for reducing noise pollution from shower pumps?
Leave your suggestions in the comments box below, we would love to hear from you….