Grundfos Raise the Bar for Efficiency with the New Alpha 3 Domestic Circulator


grundfos Alpha 3 Domestic CirculatorWith the release of the all new Alpha 3 domestic circulator, Grundfos is once again raising the bar for performance and efficiency and reminding us why they’re such a widely known, well-respected brand.

Domestic circulators have been relied upon by British homeowners to deliver hot water to their central heating systems for many years. For the majority of both installers and users, the variety of units available in the Grundfos Alpha 2 range has, and will continue to meet their needs, beautifully.

However, times are changing and although the fundamental services that a domestic circulator pump provides in terms of functionality, performance and all-round home comforts remain the same, demand for the ways in which those services are delivered is changing.

For the efficiency minded homeowner and installer alike, it is no longer sufficient to have technology that simply serves a purpose. Modern living dictates that emerging technologies offer efficiencies in terms of how it quickly they can be installed, how smoothly they operate and how much they cost to fit and run.

The all-new Alpha 3 domestic circulator pump from Grundfos ticks all those efficiency boxes.

First Class Functional Efficiency

To achieve a well-balanced indoor climate throughout a property, a domestic circulator unit is relied upon to regulate the even distribution and flow of hot water throughout various pipe systems and deliver it to radiators efficiently.

Depending on the size of a property and the age and quality of any component heating system parts, this process of equal heat distribution, known as hydronic balancing, can be a time-consuming task, or it was, until now.

When paired with the complementary, installer technologies of the Alpha reader and GO App, the Grundfos Alpha 3 is a truly state-of-the-art piece of kit that stabilises the temperature of a home environment so efficiently that it cuts the installation time in half.

Cost Efficiency

The dramatic reduction in installation time on offer means fitters are free to take on more jobs, and they can pass on the reduced labour costs to the customer so everyone’s a winner!

In the long-term, of course, it is the customer who will be most concerned with saving money and this is where the Alpha 3 really raises the bar in terms of cost efficiency.

According to OVO Energy, the cost of gas and electricity rose by 140% between 2004 and 2014. In real terms, that rise costs homeowners an extra £500 each year despite the fact that energy consumption has actually decreased during the same period.

With the value of the pound falling in the wake of the Brexit vote, some forecasters are now predicting that energy prices could rise by another 15% in the months ahead but that rise could be offset by installing a Grundfos Alpha 3.

The efficiency of this system is so good that it promises to reduce the average household heating bill by anything from 5-17%!

Efficient Installations

The Alpha 3 domestic circulator is compatible with a variety of domestic water heating systems so homeowners in almost every kind of property can benefit.

Equally suitable for upgrading the operational efficiency of an existing domestic heating system to reduce costs and improve home comforts, or for getting a brand new service up and running quickly, the Alpha 3 is designed to operate with:

– Variable or constant flow systems

– One or two pipe systems

– Underfloor heating

You can order your Grundfos Alpha 3 domestic circulator online from Anchor Pumps and enjoy a 5 year warranty and free home delivery.

Alternatively, if you’d like more information about the circulator or use of the installers Alpha reader and GO App, simply call one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisors on 0800 112 3134, today.

Grundfos Pumps Win United Nations Momentum Award

The United Nations has recognised Grundfos Pumps for its technological advances in sustainable water solutions in underdeveloped nations.


Their initiative, Lifelink, was one of 15 to win the United Nation’s Momentum for Change: Lighthouse Activity Award in the Information and Communication Technologies section.

The company has received global recognition for its work in developing new technologies to address issues relating to water supply in Kenya and Uganda.

The Paris Climate Conference

The United Nations applauded Grundfos for the efforts they have made in providing “some of the most practical, scalable and replicable examples of what people, businesses, governments and industries are doing to tackle climate change and wider economic, social and environmental challenges”.

They beat more than 425 other initiatives to win this prestigious award, which they hope will highlight their efforts in countries where access to clean, safe and drinkable water is still proving to be a challenge.

Grundfos also works in Taiwan in the fight against climate change, ensuring that their initiatives are energy-efficient with low carbon emissions.

Sustainable Options

Most of Grundfos’ sustainable water supply solutions rely on renewable energy via solar power, which is abundant in these areas of the world.

To date they have focused their attention on Africa, but recently announced they have developed two new products: AQtap and AQPure.

AQtap helps the utility providers to maintain the water system and to control the price of water supplied. AQpure converts water that would otherwise be unfit to drink into safe drinking water.

Wider General Product Range

Of course, Grundfos does not just manufacture products for use in underdeveloped countries. They also make products for the domestic and commercial markets in the developed world.

They are currently part of a Water Technologies alliance that shares knowledge and technology with American utilities providers.

And they provide the CRN pumps at hydrogen refuelling stations in Denmark that help the hydrogen flow into hydrogen-fuelled cars.

They have been involved in installing their high-quality pumps in the new state-of-the-art children’s hospital at Alderhey, Liverpool.

In the residential market Grundfos is also well known for its high-quality central heating and sewage pumps. And in recent months, they have been selling submersible pumps to help in areas affected by flooding.

View the full range of both commercial and domestic Grundfos pumps here.