Month: September 2013

Cut Down on Water Waste with On-Demand Circulator Pumps

A typical family household of 3 wastes an average of 16,000 litres of clean water per year. This may sound quite excessive, however the reason for this water waste is because of the water that runs straight down the drain while you wait for warm water to flow through the tap.

Most homeowners wait an average of 60 seconds for their water to run hot – this can waste 1.5 decilitres of water a second.

The majority of water fixtures in a home can actually be up to 50 feet of pipework away from the water heater. This means that warm water has to travel quite a distance before it reaches an outlet such as the kitchen tap. A common solution to water waste while waiting for warm water is to install an on-demand circulator pump.

Grundfos circulator pumps such as Grundfos Comfort Circulator pumps operate from Grundfos AUTOADAPT. The innovative Grundfos AUTOADAPT function learns the water consumption pattern of your household and adapts your hot water supply to suit – this means that you receive in-demand hot water exactly when you need it, cutting down on the water that you waste when waiting for the warm water to run.

It is no secret that cutting down on the water that you waste in the home can benefit the environment. Another benefit is that the less water you waste, the lower those pricey water bills and energy bills will be.

Stop wasting time waiting for your water to heat up by choosing on-demand circulator pumps. Here at Anchor Pumps we have got an extensive range of circulator pumps including Grundfos Comfort Circulator pumps which come fully equipped with the energy saving Grundfos AUTOADAPT feature.

Benefits of a Basement Sump Pump

If your home has a basement, it will most certainly require a sump pump. Sump pumps, or submersible pumps, are pumps that drain water build-up within the basement. Many homeowners store a number of valuables in their basement, however due to how frequently a basement can flood, it is important to take effective measures and install a submersible pump to prevent belongings becoming damaged by water build-up.

Grundfos Unilift KP pumps are one example of submersible pumps that will prevent basement flooding. Most basements have a ‘sump pit’ which is where water gathers – this could either be due to the basement being below the home’s water table or the build-up of water could also be caused by the home’s foundation drainage system.

A sump pit should be emptied regularly to prevent overflowing – and that’s exactly where submersible pumps come in. Installed inside your home’s sump pit, sump pumps come fully equipped with a float which is placed into the sump pit. Once the float rises above a certain level, the submersible pump is automatically switched on – the pump will then drain out the water from the sump pit to prevent flooding.

An essential pump for keeping your basement dry, the benefit of submersible pumps such as Grundfos Unilift KP Pumps is that they feature a hermetically sealed design along with watertight gaskets – this prevents water from entering the housing of the pump so that there are no leaks or damage to the electrical components.

As well as protecting your home and basement from flooding, other advantages of submersible pumps include:

Maximises your home’s property value
Controls the dampness and humidity of the basement – keeping the area warm and dry
Lowers the risk of mould and mildew
Avoids water damage on furniture and belongings
Prevents rush and corrosion damage on metal appliances

If your home is prone to flooding or has a basement, discover the benefits of submersible pumps for yourself by buying Grundfos pumps such as Unilift KP submersible pumps online at Anchor Pumps.

Say Goodbye to Low Water Pressure: Stuart Turner Flo-Mate Mains Boost Pump

Stuart Turner Pumps Troubleshooting

In our last blog post we took a look at the common reasons for low water pressure in the home. While certain steps like unclogging pipe work and checking valves and fixtures can assist in boosting the water pressure of some homes, properties that have low mains water pressure will find these steps redundant as a booster pump will be required in order for there to be any improvement to the water pressure.

One pump that offers a simple solution to boosting mains water pressure is the Stuart Turner Flo-Mate Mains Boost Pump. Connected directly to the incoming mains, the Stuart Turner Flo-Mate 3 Bar Mains Pressure Booster Pump boosts mains water pressure without the need for a cold water brake tank.

WRAS approved, the Stuart Turner Flo-Mate pump operates within current UK water regulations.

If your property has insufficient mains water pressure, the Flo-Mate pump will deliver an additional 1.5 bar pressure to the current mains pressure, offering a maximum flow rate of 12 litres per minute. This boosted flow rate will meet the demands of the majority of combination boilers, electric mixers as well as other domestic outlets.

With an extremely quiet operation, the high performance of the Flo-Mate means that it is continuously praised amongst homeowners with low mains pressure.

A robust all brass construction that offers great durability, Flo-Mate pumps come fully equipped with a built-in bypass. This bypass means that performance is not restricted should the pressure exceed 1.5 bar.

Providing performance on demand, Flo-Mate pumps automatically start when a flow rate of 0.6 litres per minute or more exist.

Say goodbye to low water pressure in your home thanks to Stuart Turner Flo-Mate Pumps. The Stuart Turner Flo-Mate 3 Bar Mains Pressure Booster Pump is available to buy online at Anchor Pumps.

Troubleshooting Low Water Pressure in the Home

Low water pressure is a common problem in the majority of domestic properties. The reason for low water pressure can be as simple as a blocked faucet to more serious issues such as plumbing blockages or water leaks. From the shower to the kitchen sink, low water pressure can affect all of the water fixtures in the home. The first step to determining the reason behind low water pressure is to check whether all fixtures in the home are receiving a low water pressure – this will help you to find out whether the problem is a universal plumbing problem or fixture specific.

 If you aren’t receiving optimal water pressure, here at Anchor Pumps we have put together a troubleshooting guide on common reasons for low water pressure in the home…

1) Low Water Pressure in the Shower: If low water pressure is specific to the shower, a common reason for the underperforming water pressure could be due to a clogged shower system. Hard water deposits can gather in a shower system, causing a low water pressure. Cleaning or replacing the shower head should remedy this problem.

2) Faucet Aerator Problems: Low water pressure can generally be traced back to the aerator. Found at the top of a faucet, the aerator can often need cleaning or replacing to help boost the water pressure. If you find that after removing the aerator the water pressure issue does not resolve, it could be a problem with your home’s pipework.

3) Low Pressure for Hot Water Supply: If low water pressure is limited to your home’s hot water supply then the problem could derive from your water heater. Every water heater includes a shutoff valve, these valves are used for emergencies however if the valve is slightly turned, it can reduce your home’s water pressure as a result. Check that the shutoff valve has not been turned.

4) Clogged plumbing: Pipe lines can often become clogged with mineral deposits, and this can greatly reduce your water pressure. A plumber can check the pipe lines within your home and assess any problems that could affect water pressure.

5) Mains Water Pressure Issues: Most domestic properties are simply located in areas where there is a low mains water pressure. If your property doesn’t have sufficient mains water pressure, the above checks will unfortunately be of little use to improving the water pressure. In such an instance, here at Anchor Pumps we recommend installing a booster pump. A water pressure booster pump such as the Stuart Turner Flo Mate 3 Bar Mains Pressure Booster Pump boosts the water pressure of a home to an extra 1.5 bar pressure.

Don’t settle for second best with your home’s water supply, troubleshoot low water pressure in your home or boost water to its full potential with a home booster pump available to buy online at Anchor Pumps.