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5 Things That Could Destroy Your Home

Flood KitsOur home is our sanctuary, our place of comfort and rest, as well as the place that houses those that are most dear to us. Accordingly, we would do anything we can to protect our house. The most unnerving threats however are the ones that catch us unawares. To educate you on the lesser-known threats to our home, we have compiled a handy list of 5 things you did not know could destroy your home.

Climbing plants

Climbing plants like ivy can look very pretty at first glance, but more often than not they are causing havoc with the very foundations of your home. Through the process of biological weathering, your walls are being gradually worn away.

Climbing plants, or creepers (a name more befitting of their sinister designs on your home) grow into any cracks or gaps in your walls, making them weaker and weaker over time. If left unattended, they can cause serious structural damage that will be costly to repair.

Loose tiles and weak trees

Loose roof tiles often don’t present themselves until it’s too late. I was rudely awakened to this issue myself in recent weeks.  A single roof tile had wiggled itself loose, and Storm Doris had sent it crashing through the roof window of our bathroom. Nightmare. To make sure you don’t experience the same misfortune, it is worth pre-empting any challenge from the Great British weather by making sure all of your roof tiles are secure.

The same logic applies to any trees that are ominously looming over your home. High winds can knock over even the sturdiest looking of trees, making it imperative to trim any that appear look particularly vulnerable.

Faulty appliances

Sure, the sheer versatility of the five pronged USB charger is impressive, but it is equally adept at setting your house on fire. Often manufactured in China, where appliances are not subject to the same rigorous safety standards checks, faulty chargers can provide a serious threat to the safety of your home.

Vintage appliances can be just as threatening. Invariably made according to antiquated safety codes, vintage appliances are all too often rife with frayed or damaged wires that are just waiting to become a fire hazard.

Faulty pipes

Being oblivious to the network of pipes carrying water around your house is one of the biggest crimes homeowners can commit. The UK insurance industry pays out £2.5 million every day to repair damage caused by escape of water in the home, making it a better time than ever to invest in a flood kit.

Frozen or burst pipes are often the chief culprits. Amending any leaky taps and making sure all tanks and pipes are properly insulated should be enough to ward off any immediate threat.

The only way to safeguard your home long-term is to replace any old pipes with new ones, which also means installing new water booster pumps.


Always the unwanted visitors, pests can cause more damage than the most unruly of house guests ever could. Termites and woodworms gnaw away at the structural supports of our homes whilst nests made by wasps and bats destroy wiring and framing.

These nests thrive in small spaces and it is therefore essential to secure any such areas with hardware cloth or welded wire-fabric.

Hopefully you feel more aware of some of the more inconspicuous threats to your home and feel you are prepared to face them head on. Are there any other dangers to your home that belong on this list? Let us know!

Anchor Pumps Launch Range of Emergency Flood Kits

Coping with a sudden flood and its aftermath can often be a difficult experience. It takes time, knowledge and the correct equipment to restore some level of normality to your home or business.

This has been the case of many households throughout Britain during the 2014-15 winters; the wettest recorded for over a century. Many areas in the UK remain at risk of further flooding during spring and autumn in addition to the potential for unusual or flash flooding during the summer.

After salvaging furnishing such as sofas and carpets wherever possible, it is necessary to strip the affected area to bare floorboards and concrete so that drying can begin. However, before the restoration process can commence, the daunting task is removing large volumes of flood water, and this is where emergency flood kits are needed.

After high demand from customers, the team here at www.anchorpumps.com have created a new range of complete emergency flood kids, specifically designed to protect from and clear up flood damage in both domestic and commercial properties. They consist of submersible pumps and accessories, essential in case of a flood emergency, and we have already seen many householders and business clients preparing themselves by purchasing and storing these kits in readiness;

floodkit1 (1)

The emergency flood kit consists of:

1. A Wilo Drain TMW 32/11/B, 24 watt water cooled basement drainage pump. This is suitable for stationary and fully automatic operation. The pump generates a continuing turbulence around its suction area. As a result there is no generation of odours related to the flooding and sediment settling is eliminated. A fluid that circulates between the pump shroud and its outside housing is cooled to prevent overheating during prolonged operation.

2. A Carry Cage that can be used to filter away leaves and other debris.

3. A 10-metre, weather resistant, Layflat hose. These hoses are collapsible, strong and very flexible. They are commonly used for agricultural and industrial water pumping as well as for domestic emergency flood kits.

4. A ¼-inch width Hosetail clip made in zinc-plated mild steel that will connect the pump and the hose. Its tough design means that it will withstand use in adverse conditions.

5. ¼-inch Camlock Couplings that fit between the pump and the hose. These are vital to connect the hose, tank and other fittings. These couplings can be made of stainless steel, aluminium, polypropylene, fibreglass as well as reinforced nylon to suit the nature of the liquid being pumped.

As Britain’s leading distributor of domestic and industrial pumps, Anchor Pumps has been a major player in the UK pump industry since 1976 and are pleased to be adding a new range of products to its ever growing online categories.

Click here to shop the new range of emergency flood kits online from £99

emergency flood kit