Month: September 2015

Grundfos Pumps ATMs Dispense Clean Water Instead Of Cash

In the Western world we’re used to using vending machines to get products and ATMs to draw out cash, but in a new development in Kenya, ATMs are now being used to deliver fresh water with the help of Grundfos Pumps.

Grundfos Pumps Kenya
The Problem

When Danish pump specialist Grundfos began to look at how water was being distributed in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, it found a problem. It wasn’t that water wasn’t available, though. It discovered people were able draw water from central taps for a fee; the problem was that the money they paid wasn’t necessarily finding its way back into funding the water treatment process. This meant that the projects aimed at providing clean water were being starved of funds.

The Solution

The solution the company came up with was a machine rather like an ATM for water. Users put credit on a water card, either via retailers or via a mobile phone. They can then use this card to draw clean water from the machine in measured amounts. Users pay the equivalent of 13 pence for a 20-litre can of water.

The project in still in its pilot stages and is being trialled in Uganda, Thailand and Nigeria as well as in Kenya. An added benefit is that the machines are able to collect data on how often the machine is used and how much water is being drawn. This means that water development programs can see how effective their work is and where most water is being used.

Anchor Pumps and Grundfos Pumps

Anchor Pumps is proud to be associated with Grundfos Pumps and its innovative scheme. We stock the full range of Grundfos pumps, including domestic models such as central heating pumps, shower pumps and home booster systems. For commercial use, we can also supply Grundfos pumps for a variety of applications, including submersible pumps and multi-stage pumps as well as pressure vessels and tanks.

Is this the future of central heating?

Smart technology has revolutionised the way we live our lives today, and with many apps now available to make life even simpler, our smart devices are taking the stresses and strains out of modern living, including controlling our central heating pumps!

Central Heating Pump

The new SmartThings app from Samsung puts you in charge of remotely monitoring and controlling many aspects of your home. From checking on security to turning devices on and off and controlling your central heating systems with just the downloaded app on your smartphone, a smart hub and your home’s smart devices, you are ready to go. Throw in a compatible camera, and you can even view video clips remotely of your home.

Easy to use, intuitive and open to endless possible uses, the SmartThings app can make your home safer, more efficient and cheaper to run. In terms of reducing energy consumption, the app allows you to turn the heating on and off to fit in with your requirements. The app lets you receive notifications or alerts relating to any smart systems, so if something goes wrong – for example, with any central heating pumps – you will be kept in the loop and are then in a position to find a solution promptly. Simple to set up, the SmartThings app will appeal to even the least technologically inclined individuals. Ideal for homes and businesses, the app will fast become a must-have for anyone who cares about their property.

It is not just the SmartThings app that is leading the way in technological innovation. The Grundfos Go App available from Anchor Pumps is also taking the app world by storm. Compatible with any Android or iOS device, this handy app can be easily downloaded, putting you in complete control of your central heating pumps and systems. Whether you want to monitor and control central heating pumps, find a replacement pump, check or modify the water pressure of your central heating pumps, manage data or troubleshoot a particular issue or problem, these are all easy to achieve from your phone. The Grundfos Go App is always online, offering users lots of benefits, including time and cost savings and swift problem-solving.

Compatible with a wide range of Grundfos pumps, this app puts you in charge of your central heating pumps at all times.

Anchor Pumps Big Apple Giveaway

Join us in the Anchor Pumps Big Apple Giveaway and you could be rewarded with a new Apple product, such as one of the fantastic Apple watches, simply for placing a qualifying order!

Anchor Pumps promotion

To take advantage of this amazing offer, you just need to place an order through the Anchor Pumps site for over £750 (excluding VAT). When you do so, you’ll receive a free iPod Shuffle. As your order increases in value, so does the value of the free gift. So place an order between £2,501 and £4,000 and you’ll pick up an iPod Nano, or if it’s between £4,001 and £5,000 you’ll be upgraded to an iPod Touch.

During the promotional period, Anchor Pumps customers who spend between £5,001 and £6,000 will qualify for a free iPod Mini 2. If you want a free iWatch Sport, you’ll need to spend between £6,001 and £7,000. Our top customers who put in an order worth over £7,001 will receive a free iPad Air!

As with any fantastic offer, there are qualifying terms and conditions. The Anchor Pumps Big Apple Giveaway is only applicable to orders made online, and only one Apple product is available per customer and per transaction. This is non-refundable or redeemable for a cash equivalent. Subject to the availability of stock, we aim to send out the product within five working days of your placing the order, and it will be sent to your billing address unless you advise otherwise.

If you return the products you’ve ordered within 28 days of purchase, you must return the unused Apple product in its original packaging. We will deduct a fee from your refund if it’s not returned. This giveaway cannot be used with any of our other offers, including price match.

A giveaway as good as this won’t be around for ever, so place your order today to qualify for your free gift. You can find out further details on the promotion through our website:

Anchor Pumps Trustpilot Rating

We’d like to take the opportunity today to blow our own trumpet….

Here at Anchor Pumps we are very proud of our commitment to technical excellence and customer service, and we would like to highlight some of the customer reviews that show we are achieving our goals and customers expectations. Trustpilot is an online shopping review tool that allows our customers to rate the products they buy here at Anchor Pumps, and our customers have given us a great score of 9.3 out of a possible 10!

Also,  88% of all Anchor Pumps online sales have also been given 5 Stars out of a possible 5
from over 2,200 reviews!


A number of five-star reviews comment upon our competitive pricing, reliable deliveries and excellent customer service. One ‘Phil D’ also appreciated the advice given to him by our helpful and knowledgeable staff, while Marc Jenkin was particularly impressed by the quality of our products for the price. David Lockyer commented that Anchor Pumps had provided the best online service he’d ever experienced. Few of our competitors have achieved this kind of praise at Trustpilot, and we are delighted that our customers are so satisfied.

If you have recently purchased from Anchor Pumps – please do consider leaving a review on Trustpilot so that other consumers can benefit from your experience. These kinds of customer review portals help to make the online shopping experience better for everyone, and also let the Anchor Pumps team know what we’re doing right and how we can continue to improve. We look forward to hearing your comments!

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