Month: April 2015

Grundfos Pumps & the Golf Open Championship

The Open Golf Championship is one of the most prestigious events on the golfing calendar. This year’s tournament, the 144th Open, has a little extra gravitas added to it because of where it is being held. St Andrews is arguably the most famous golf course in the world and possesses a rich history and heritage which few other venues can match.

Grundfos Pumps

The operational aspect of running such a prestigious and world-renowned golfing venue as St Andrews is obviously not an easy task. Apart from the more obvious factors such as grounds maintenance and hospitality management, there is a myriad of other tasks being undertaken in the background. One such task is the ongoing maintenance of the pump station.

Last year, the pump station at St Andrews had become so problematic that the decision was made by the St Andrew Links Trust to replace it. Grundfos Pumps, working in conjunction with MJ Abbott, were tasked with the job of designing and developing a brand new station. As St Andrews is such a large venue, featuring a number of high-profile courses, the provision of pressurised irrigation water to these courses requires a highly efficient pumping station. Luckily, Grundfos Pumps were more than ready to meet the challenge.

Ensuring that peak demand could be met, Grundfos Pumps selected some of their most powerful pieces of equipment, such as the CR120-4 and CR120-8 pumps, for the job in hand. As of April 2015, the pumping station has been in operation for a full year and has responded to all of the demands put upon it. It is more than ready for this year’s Open Golf Championship.

The Top 5 Domestic Shower Booster Pumps

Showers are much better when you have great water pressure, and with such a wide choice of shower booster pumps on the market to help provide it, we’ve picked out the top 5 from leading shower pump brands to help you decide;

Positive Head Shower Booster Pumps

The Grundfos Amazon STP-2.0B  is one of the quietest shower booster pumps. It has twin brass impellers and is built to high standards to ensure performance and durability. It’s quiet, has long-life seals as standard and comes with flexible stainless-steel hoses.

The Stuart Turner Monsoon S3.0 Bar is a twin pump designed to be installed in vented systems to pump both hot and cold water. It can be used to provide a whole house boost as well as for showers.

Shower booster pump 2

Choose the Salamander CT75 Xtra 2.0 Bar and you get a twin positive head shower pump that comes with noise-vibration-reduction technology to ensure a quiet operation. It’s suitable for a wide range of shower applications, including massage function and champagne spray styles.

domestic shower booster pump"

Negative Head Pumps

The Salamander CT Force 20TU 2.0 Bar is a brass twin negative head shower pump designed for use on gravity-fed systems with a cold water cistern and hot water cylinder. It uses Salamander’s noise-vibration-reduction (NVR) technology to ensure a smooth, quiet operation.

domestic shower booster pump"

With the Stuart Turner Monsoon U3.0 Bar twin head ‘Super Silent’ pump you get a unit that’s designed for use in vented systems to pump hot and cold water. It’s low-voltage with a brass body and anti-vibration feet, among other features.

domestic shower booster pump

These are just a selection of our wide range of shower pumps available at Anchor Pumps, so whatever application you have in mind, you should be able to find a pump that’s perfect for the job!

Introducing the CT Bathroom from Salamander Pumps

Salamander pumps are one of the most respected brands on the market today, with their products renowned for quality and performance alike. The company’s highly successful CT range of pumps has now been expanded with the addition of a new bathroom pump.

CT Bathroom from Salamander Pumps


The CT range of pumps includes some of the finest models in Salamander’s current offering. Existing models in the CT series include the CT Xtra family and the CT Force range of ultra-powerful pumps. The CT Bathroom is the latest addition to this highly successful series, specially designed for domestic and small-scale commercial bathroom applications. It boasts higher pressure outputs and performance fine-tuned for the needs of a bathroom setting. The CT Bathroom pumps are capable of boosting hot and cold water supplies separately or at the same time, using unique crossover technology to prevent the overheating problems that can arise in other pumps when hot and cold sides are active separately.

CT Bathroom pumps are quiet, energy-efficient and highly effective. They are suitable for just about any bathroom application you might have in mind. Showers, bathroom sinks and lavatories all fall within the domain of Salamander’s latest CT pumps. These pumps will prove useful when water pressure has to be boosted to accommodate multiple or high-performance outlets, or when other factors have caused water pressure to drop before it reaches the bathroom.

Salamander now produces several variants of the CT Bathroom range, including the CT60 Bathroom and the higher-specification CT80 Bathroom. Both of these pumps also come in a universal variant, which is perfect for negative head applications.

To find out more about Salamander pumps, and browse our range, visit:

How Grundfos Pumps Are Helping Acclimatise Rhinos at Edinburgh Zoo

If you think you have trouble keeping warm in winter, spare a thought for Samir and Bertus – two young male rhinos at Edinburgh Zoo. Native to sunny India, they suddenly find themselves facing the chilly Scots air. One possibly surprising source of assistance came from Grundfos Pumps, which has partnered with a number of other companies and organisations such as Lothian Gas to create a solution.

Grundfos Pumps

The Choice of Pump
The resulting rhino-heating system is energy-efficient and highly effective, helping the animals to cope with the change of climate and get used to the cooler atmosphere of the Scottish capital. The system uses a powerful and energy-efficient MAGNA3 Grundfos pump to help heat a 4×4-metre swimming pool. The MAGNA3 is a high-performance pump with an extremely easy installation process, making it a clear favourite for the zoo’s needs.

Efficient Rhino Heating
As well as offering excellent performance and easy installation, the MAGNA3 is one of the most efficient liquid circulating pumps on the market today, offering up to 75% in energy savings compared to other solutions. This made it the ideal choice for Edinburgh Zoo, which is committed to making 30% savings on energy usage and emissions. With the help of this market-leading Grundfos pump, the pool is kept at a pleasant 32 degrees centigrade (90 degrees Fahrenheit) – just the right temperature for the rhinos to take a dip when they need a bit of warming up.

Grundfos Pumps for Homes and Businesses
At Anchor Pumps, we stock a wide range of pumps for domestic and commercial applications. Please don’t hesitate to take a look around our selection at to find out more about the various products on offer.

Grundfos Pumps’ “100 Pumps for 100 Villages” Project

Grundfos pumps already have a positive reputation as a brand with a conscience, producing some extremely energy-efficient models which are very kind to the environment when compared with the competition.

However, Grundfos – one of the leading pump manufacturers – is also helping mankind in a more direct and tangible way. This can be seen in poor communities such as the Indian farming village of Mandapathiara.

Grundfos Pumps

In underprivileged areas, access to water is a serious problem. Residents often have to walk for extremely long period’s time to get to the nearest water source, and the water they get out of it is far from clean. This is a situation that is being changed through the use of pumps supplied by the company as part of their “100 Pumps for 100 Villages” project.

Through this project, Grundfos are donating pumps to enable clean fresh water from local wells to be drawn efficiently up from the ground and into a storage tank and then distributed to homes throughout the community. The Grundfos pumps in question are solar-powered, eliminating the need for mains electricity and ensuring they are both cheap to operate and environmentally friendly.

As the name of the project suggests, the company intends to supply 100 such pumps to 100 separate villages in underprivileged parts of the world. Of course, as well as these solar pumps, Grundfos also supplies a wide range of commercial and domestic pumps for all kinds of applications.

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