Month: February 2015

Stuart Turner Pumps Kilimanjaro Charity Climb

Anchor Pumps is delighted to share the news that one of our key suppliers, Stuart Turner Pumps, is starting a particularly adventurous challenge to raise vital funds for the Stuart Turner Charitable Foundation.

A team of ten from the organisation are now training to tackle the notorious climb of Kilimanjaro this Easter. The event will see them take on a gruelling seven-day feat of endurance to reach the summit and raise over £10,000 for the Foundation.

Stuart Turner Pumps

The brave – and some might say crazy – team will be walking between six and nine hours each day, with a final 15-hour non-stop trek on the last day in a bid to reach the mountain’s summit.

The team from Stuart Turner already has experience in the field, however, having successfully undertaken a series of fundraising events in the past. Each participant has personally given £500 towards to the event’s cost and has covered all of the equipment, vaccination and visa costs. However, there is still a fundraising challenge of £20,000 to meet to ensure that the Charitable Trust receives full benefits.

The Stuart Turner Charitable Foundation was set up in 2012 as an independent registered charity. It exists to help not-for-profits that deliver local activities to benefit the community – particularly activities for groups such as the elderly, disadvantaged, disabled or financially hard-up. It issues grants to those organisations working within RG9 – the postcode from which Stuart Turner has long operated since it was set up in 1906.

The Foundation has made sizeable grants to My Life Choice, the Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children and Headway Thames Valley, amongst others.

The team are seeking help and contributions to raise £10,000 minimum for the Charitable Foundation. They will be volunteering in the local community to raise funds in the coming weeks by washing cars and packing bags.

There are different ways in which you can contribute.Full details are available at:


10 of the world’s most terrifying waterslides

Waterparks offer a fun-filled day out for the whole family!

It goes without saying that the systems used to power the attractions have to be extremely hardwearing and meet stringent standards of safety. The pumps, valves and other related pieces machinery do far more than simply move water from one location to another. They are wholly responsible for creating a host of special effects in order to make each water ride experience exciting and unique. From the lifting and circulating of water to the simulation of rapids, waves and currents, the machinery involved must be of the very highest specification.

With this amazing technology, engineers have been able to develop an array of breath-taking watersides around the world. Here at Anchor Pumps, we have picked out 10 of the biggest and best to showcase – would you be brave enough to tackle these terrifying waterslides?

10. Beach Park, Brazil – Insano
With a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest waterslide in the world, Insano stands an incredible 14 storeys high. However, it takes just seconds to descend, with riders reaching speeds up to a scary 65mph!


9. The Verruct
Opened in 2014, The Verruct stands at an impressive at 51.38 m (168 ft 7 in), and has  been officially verified by Guinness World Records as the tallest waterslide in the world!

8. Blizzard Beach, Florida – Summit Plummet
A free-fall body slide, the start of this ride is 120 feet off the ground. As they literally plummet down the 360 feet of flume, riders will frequently hit 50-60mph according to the on-site digital speedometer.


7. Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas – Leap of Faith
This ride features a 60-foot, almost vertical drop. Not for the faint-hearted, the flume takes its brave riders through a transparent tunnel and through a shark-filled lagoon.

6. Wild Wadi Waterpark, Dubai – Jumeirah Sceirah
A 390-foot tandem slide which takes a mere few seconds at 50mph to complete.


5. Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Wisconsin – Scorpion’s Tail
Step inside the clear capsule and wait for the floor to vanish. The ten-storey, 400ft ride with an almost vertical loop lasts just 5-7 seconds.

4. Terme 3000 Adventure Pool Complex, Slovenia – Aqualoop
The very first waterslide with a 360-degree loop, this is Europe’s fourth fastest.

3. Wet ‘n Wild Water Park, Florida – Brain Wash
A vertical drop which plunges riders 53ft into a huge domed funnel. Adding to the excitement, the slide features videos, lights and sounds as people descend at breakneck speeds.


2. Galaxy Erding, Germany – Faser
An adrenaline-pumping ride for thrill-seekers as they reach speeds in excess of 45mph.

1. Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg thermal spa, Austria – Twister and Speedy
Speedy is a rapid 460-feet descent, while Europe’s longest indoor slide, the Twister, stretches a massive 660 feet.


Have you braved any of the above slides? Can you recommend any terrifying water slides to add to our top 10?

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