Month: December 2014

10 Christmas Energy Saving tips to help cut the cost January bills

Christmas is expensive for many reasons, from buying presents to stocking up on food and drink. It can also cost you much more in energy usage too; with families more likely to be at home keeping warm, cooking and of course enjoying those Christmas lights.

Fortunately, the Anchor Pumps team have put together their top tips to help you keep down the January bills following the festive season!

Energy saving

1. It may sound simple but turning off devices when you’re not using them, switching off lights when you leave the room and only charging mobile phones and other gadgets when you need to can all help save energy.

2. When using the oven this Christmas, cook food together in batches and keep the door shut as much as possible so as not to waste heat. On the hob use the correct sized pan and keep the lids on.

3. Turning your room thermostat down by a single degree can save you as much as 10% on your heating bills according to the Energy Saving Trust.

4. Your water tank thermostat should be set to 60 degrees Celsius. You can also save by using the timer to have the hot water only when needed. Remember gas heating produces hot water more cheaply than an immersion heater.

5. Keep your doors and windows closed as much as possible in cold weather, checking for and sealing sources of draughts. Even closing your curtains at dusk can help keep heat in.

6. When running the washing machine or dishwasher remember that one full load will use less energy than two half loads.

7. A dripping hot water tap can waste great deal of water over time and of course the energy used to heat it, so there’s a double saving in fixing it.

8. If you won’t be at home over Christmas leave the heat on at around 12 or 15 Celsius, insulate exposed pipes and leave the loft hatch ajar. This will prevent you coming home to the hassle and expense of a burst pipe! (Click here read our blog post on preventing burst pipes this winter)

9. For outside Christmas lights, opt for solar powered versions that will collect free energy during the day to power your lights at night.

10. Indoors you can save by using energy saving light bulbs and choosing LEDs for your Christmas lights.

For more top tips, take a look at the Anchor Pumps energy saving Infographic!

Merry Christmas!

Anchor Pumps supply pumps for leading geothermal engineering project

Anchor Pumps are proud to have been associated with a new project that has produced the first deep geothermal generation site in this country for the past 30 years. This work was made possible through the use of a pump that was supplied by Anchor Pumps, enabling an efficient and reliable source of renewable energy to be produced.

The Rosemanowes is a project based in Cornwall that is run by Geothermal Engineering. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has also provided funding for the scheme, which has led to the production of hot water through deep geothermal generation.


What is deep geothermal generation?
Deep geothermal generation is a way of providing renewable energy for the country at a time when we are trying to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. This whole sector could eventually contribute a substantial amount to the renewable energy market, providing sources of power and heat to both the domestic and commercial sectors.

In the past we haven’t made the most of this technology, which is a cost effective method of producing energy. There are currently two other sites within Cornwall that have planning permission to produce geothermal bases. The hope is that this will spread across the country, as more businesses invest in the market.

The role of Anchor Pumps
This type of energy generation has been achieved through advances in pump technology. Companies such as Anchor Pumps, which work alongside the major global pump manufacturers, enable more reliable methods to be discovered.

Click here to read the full article online here 

Grundfos Pumps: Shower Selector App

Grundfos Pumps have launched a new Shower Selector App – a new, comprehensive and technically compelling new software for Android and iPhone, giving users the ability to choose an appropriate shower pump for domestic use based on an array of information and multimedia content.

The app is not just for specialist engineers, although this is clearly a group that will be particularly capable of benefiting from its features. End users are also encouraged to check out this free to download app, which has an intuitive interface and a rich level of data and images to enable the easy selection and installation of a Grundfos shower pump.

Identifying an appropriate Grundfos pumps using the app is as simple as setting up a configuration based on the type of use it will receive, with variables such as the number of times the shower will be used a day, the type of shower head that is going to feature and the configuration of the building within which it will be installed. There is even a feature that allows the app to demonstrate the kind of pressure that a particular pump and setup will be able to supply, along with access to a full catalogue of the products and offers.

shower pump selector

Perhaps most impressive is the integrated support for voice and video calls to customer service representatives via Skype. When an issue is encountered or help is required, users can talk to brands team face to face, getting real assistance without requiring a technician to actually visit the premises in person.

The Shower Pump Selector app is compatible with any Android device running at least version 4.0 of Google’s operating system, while Apple users will need an iPhone 4 or later to gain access to it. So for anyone having a tough time deciding on the right shower pump, the new “shower selector app” is a real help!

The top 10 water fountains in the world

Fountains are one of the outstanding tourist attractions for many cities in the world! As well as being beautifully ornate structures, Anchor Pumps are taking a closer look at the impressive water systems behind the top ten fountains in the world!

Trevi Fountain, Rome
Completed in 1762, the Trevi Fountain in Rome is one of the city’s must-see sculptures. At 20 metres wide and 26 metres high, the water is filtered by pumps that make the fountains water crystal clear and most importantly, safe to drink.


Magic Fountain of Montjuic, Barcelona
Barcelona’s Magic Fountain of Montjuic creates a wonderful display of colour, light, motion, music and water acrobatics. Five water pumps thrust 2,600 litres of water per second through 1,500 metres of pipelines to over 3,000 jets.


Tivoli, Italy
Tivoli in Italy’s Lazio area is famed for its beautiful Villa d’Este gardens and the stunning Tivoli Fountains, which attract tourists from far and wide. The 100 fountains alongside a pathway of 100 metres long is quite an impressive sight!


Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas
Las Vegas’s Bellagio Fountains are a true testament to this city’s grandeur. With water rising to 460 feet high from well over a thousand water-emitting devices, this fountain has become one of the city’s big attractions. Fountain “dancing” shows take place throughout the day and right in to the evening, where the impressive fountains are synchronised to tracks such as Viva Las Vegas & Fly me to the moon.

Fountain of Wealth, Singapore
Singapore boasts the largest fountain in the world, the Fountain of Wealth. Water flows inwards in this fountain, to represent the retention of wealth, and rises up to 30 metres high!

Jet d’Eau fountain, Geneva
The impressive Jet d’Eau fountain in Geneva shoots water upwards at 124 mph, to a staggering 460 feet. Two powerful 500kW pumps operating at 2,400 Volts enable 7,000 litres of water to be in the air at any one moment.


People’s Friendship Fountain, Moscow
The People’s Friendship Fountain in Moscow is a unique water fountain encircled with 16 gilded statues. Eight powerful pumps shoot 1,200 litres of water into the air, from 800 jets at a height of 24 metres per second.


Xian City Fountains, Asia
Xian City is said to have the largest musical fountain in Asia at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The fountain and music show also has the most benches, longest light-belt and largest scale acoustic complex in the world.

King Fahd’s Fountain, Jeddah
King Fahd’s Fountain in Jeddah claims to be the highest fountain in the world. Three huge pumps thrust 625 litres of water per second at 233 mph, up to 312 metres into the sky.


Dubai Fountain in the Burj Khalifa
The Dubai Fountain in the Burj Khalifa Lake has 6,600 lights and over 1,000 water and light combinations. The fountain uses high-pressure water jets and shooters, spraying 22,000 gallons of water into the air at any one time, in time with some of the worst best loved songs!

Introducing the new Grundfos UPS2 25-80 & 32-80

Circulator pumps are designed primarily for residential central heating systems and their associated hot water systems, operating in sealed installations or in the open-vented types.

Some circulator pumps operate with a single fixed speed and cannot be adjusted. However, they have a high tolerance level and will continue to work if an extra radiator is added to the system. The most common circulators have three different speeds while others have an automatically adjustable speed system.

Grundfos circulator pumps are three speed models that are specifically designed for domestic heating and air conditioning systems. They have long been noted for their quiet operation and their ability to adjust to the requirements of just about any heating and hot water system.

Grundfos models can even work with ground source heat pumps, radiant floor heating systems, solar water heating as well as the circulation of cooled water.

The latest models in the Grundfos UPS2 range are the UPS2 25-80 and the UPS2 32-80. These pumps are designed to meet stringent European Union directives for energy related products. However, they are also of a size that will easily replace older UPS2 models.


The new pumps operate on an 8 metre setting option meaning that just the one pump will be able to deliver sufficient power to replace two or more lower power pumps. These performance characteristics mean that the pump will work well in the most demanding of environments.

Although this UPS2 series pump operates on the usual three speeds, it allows for adjustment in accordance with pressure curves to service a wide variety of applications in any domestic system. These include heating systems with twin pipes or other types of mixed loop systems.

Combined with a powerful motor and significantly improved hydraulics, these pumps will be able to deliver a flow rate of 5.7 cubic metres per hour and in system pressures of up to 10 bar.

With a compact footprint, the UPS2 25-80 and 32-80 pumps are easily installed and will fit in the tightest of spaces.

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