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3 Reasons why we love Grundfos!

Grundfos are one of the leading pump manufacturers on the market today and also one of the most popular brands of pumps sold here at Anchor Pumps. They have a strong reputation for providing high-quality, high-performance, reliable pumps, but there’s much more to love about Grundfos. If you are looking to purchase a Grundfos pump, here are three key reasons why Anchor Pumps highly recommend this quality brand.


1. Energy-Saving Products
A lot of companies will claim to care about the environment, but Grundfos make it much clearer than most that they are going above and beyond to save energy. They are committed to cutting the energy consumption and carbon footprint of their products, and their efforts are paying off. They have repeatedly been recognised for the quality and energy-efficiency of their environmentally friendly products.

As well as producing more energy-efficient pumps, they also provide solid advice on using pumps in the most efficient way. Pumps, they say, account for a surprisingly large 10% of the world’s energy consumption, and they believe that many pumps in use are larger than they need to be. On average, they believe inappropriate pumps use 60% more energy than necessary. They encourage people and businesses to switch to more appropriate pumps, which they estimate could save as much energy each year as a billion people use in residential homes.

2. Quality Control
Grundfos have been producing high quality engineered products, combined with first class pre and post sales service, for over 40 years. As a UK leader in the supply of pumps and pump systems for domestic, commercial building services and process industry applications, Grundfos now boasts an annual turnover of £1.7 billion and produces over 16 million pumps per year.

Grundfos implement the following quality objectives thought the business to ensure all products are of the highest standard:

– To maintain & improve an effective Quality Management System complying with European Standard EN ISO 9001:2008
– To achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances the Company’s reputation with customers
– To ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety requirements
– To endeavor, at all times, to maximize customer satisfaction with the services provided by Grundfos.

3. Innovation
Grundfos are an innovative and inventive company, using the latest technologies and employing new ideas to improve their products. This relates to their commitment to energy-efficiency and enhances the quality and performance of their products.

This applies across the full range of pumps for all kinds of domestic, commercial and industrial uses. In short, they provide leading, modern and high-performance products across their extensive range.

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All Grundfos pumps supplied by Anchor Pumps also come with the Manufacturers Standard Warranty which is shown as 1, 2 or 3 years.

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Grundfos spares now available at Anchor Pumps


Grundfos is renowned internationally for its technical innovation and pumping solutions used across a wide field of domestic and commercial settings. Their pumps have a reputation for quality, sustainability and energy efficiency – one of the reasons why the brand is so highly recommended at Anchor Pumps by both our skilled teams and customers.

Grundfos Spares

Anchor pumps have now added a wide range of Grundfos spares to our collection of products online, and although many of our competitor’s stock a selection of Grundfos pump spares, Anchor Pumps are currently Britain’s only supplier of the complete set of Grundfos spares!

Whether you are looking for multi-stage vertical pump spares, waste-water pump spares or horizontal multi-stage pump spares, we stock the full range of pumping solutions and will definitely be able to help. Our range also includes spares for the popular Sololift 2 gravity lifting station, a unique solution that collects waste water and domestic sanitary water and passes it through a thin duct to a downward collection pipe – ideal for locations where no gravity drainage pipe is installed.

There is also a full range of spares available for Niagara, Nile, Danube and Amazon shower booster pumps available online.
The range of spare parts also includes the popular MQ series of booster pumps. These compact water-supply systems can be used for horticultural and agricultural applications as well as for domestic use. Suitable for pumping rainwater and potable water over a large range of locations such as weekend cottages, summer houses and private homes as well as farms and market gardens.

Click here to shop Grundfos spares online, or if you have a burning question – do not hesitate to give our experienced team a
call: 0800 112 3134

Salamander Homeboost Awarded Quiet Mark

We’ve covered the issue of noisy shower pumps numerous times here on the Anchor Pumps blog, therefore we were happy to hear the news from Salamander, that their Homeboost products have received the prestigious “Quiet Mark” award!

Salamander Homeboost products received the international award from the UK NAS, which is awarded to products after independent testing proves the product to be one of the quietest in its class!

The principle was a reduction in water turbulence – if this effect is reduced as water flows through the pump, there will be less vibration. The solution for Salamander was to re-design their products, replacing the metal ends of the motor with a polymer which dampened down the vibrations. The result is a booster pump that generates less noise than the average domestic boiling kettle.

That’s why Salamander Pumps deserves its international award for the quietest of Homeboost pumps, creating a new consumer demand for quieter pumps — something many householders thought was impossible.

There are added benefits to this technology. As well as reducing the water turbulence, the new and improved Salamander design has produced an even better showering experience, proven to dampen down the vibrations and also control all thermal transfer, to avoid sporadic changes in water temperature when showering.

Available from £275 + VAT from Anchor Pumps, the Salamander Homeboost also includes 3 years warranty, free delivery and price match guarantee – and if this wasn’t enough, Anchor Pumps are now also offering £15 cash back on all Salamander Pumps!
Designed to boost low mains water pressure into a domestic house, the Salamander Homeboost is the extremely popular option to help improve low water flow from the mains supply at peak demand times.

This pump also complies with all Water Fitting Regulations and is very energy-efficient, as well as costing significantly less to run than home booster pump of similar power!

Click here to shop the quietest pump on the market, the Salamander Homeboost!

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From shower pumps to leaking taps: 5 Ways You Are Wasting Water in the Home

It becomes more apparent each day that we all need to contribute in some way to the future health of our environment. Many of the planet’s natural resources, particularly water, are being wasted in large amounts and no matter how aware of environmental issues you may be or how cost-conscious you are, you could still be wasting water in your home without even realising it.

Shower pumps

Here are five ways you could be wasting water and some top tips how you can simply rectify the problems.

Running Taps
This is undoubtedly one of the most common wastages of water, but it also happens to be one of the easiest solutions to resolve. It is all too easy to leave the cold tap running when brushing your teeth. Just think for a moment how much water is just flowing down the plughole needlessly and the money / water you could be saving by simply turning off the tap.

Long Showers
Did you know that if everyone in your home swaps one bath per week for a shower, there is a potential saving of up to £25 per year on your water bills? Although switching to a shower may be more economical than running a bath, by spending over five minutes in the shower you could still be wasting up to ten gallons of water!

Shorter showers, the installation of an energy efficient shower pump and water saving shower head are all simple solutions to help cut down on the amount of water you use when showering. A water-efficient shower head could generate a shaving of up to £75 per year of gas bills and a potential saving of around £90 on water bills – that’s a possible saving of £165, and with the average cost of a water-efficient showerhead around £25, it’s easy to see the investment with this product.

Leaking Taps and Pipes
watching the almost insignificant drops of water slowly falling from a leaking tap or pipe, it may not seem as if this could be a major contributor to water wastage. However, it is quite astounding how these small drops can add up, and it is estimated that even the smallest leaking tap or pipe can waste more than 5,500 litres of water a year, costing you around £10 extra on top of your bills. If you have a leaking toilet in your home, this could be contributing to over twenty gallons of waste water every single day!!

Washing machine
It is important when washing clothes to always try to ensure the washing machine is as full as possible. Half-filling the machine can lead to a huge waste of water, particularly if this is done on a number of occasions throughout the month. A smaller number of washes with larger loads is the answer!

Hose Usage
Many people use a hose when washing their car – after all, it is quicker and easier than visiting a car wash. But while that may be the case, using a hose to clean your car means you could be wasting over one hundred gallons of water each time. Using a bucket and sponge is not only more efficient and cost-effective, but will also require more elbow grease and ultimately a cleaner car!

Do you have any top water saving tips?

What is the best domestic heating pump for under £150?

With the winter nights drawing closer, ensuring your heating is ready to efficiently withstand the colder months ahead is extremely important. For many, quality and energy-efficiency are vital parts of all domestic heating systems. We take a look at some of the best heating pump options all available for under £150 here at Anchor

What is the best domestic heating pump for under £150?

The Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60 (130) is a circular pump that is both highly efficient and is equipped with a permanent magnet motor. This pump has a control system for circulating clean water that is continuously variable. The UPS2 pump is an excellent replacement for the 15-50 and 15-60 currently used in a domestic heating system. It is also available as a sole pump head as well as a complete pump system. One of its key features is a control box that can be mounted on the top, right or left of the system. The Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60 (130) is available to purchase from £90+ VAT and also includes 5 years warranty.

From £129 + Vat, the Grundfos Alpha 2L 15-60 (130) is the most advanced and energy-efficient pump on the market. It is adaptable to any kind of domestic heating system as it comes with the standard three-speed selection control and a variable-speed pressure control, along with 5 years warranty when purchased from Anchor Pumps. These control systems can reduce the power consumption of the pump to 5 Watts.

The Lowara Ecocirc 25-6 (130) is an electronically controlled, highly energy-efficient domestic heating pump available from £85 + VAT, including 2 years warranty. It suits all types of domestic heating systems, whether they are one- or two-pipe systems, as well as under-floor and surface heating. This pump also suits solar stations and boiler feeds.

Not only is this an energy-saving pump with only one moving part, but it is equipped with an anti-block device and thermal barrier. The pump is supplied with two metres of pre-wired cable and can be quickly and easily installed. The control has a red LED light monitor that signals the pump’s operational status.

Shop the full range of domestic heat pumps online today at Anchor Pumps.