Month: March 2014

How to Harvest Rainwater with Grundfos

Water harvesting is a method of capturing rainwater running off rooftops, piping it to a storage tank or cistern and using it as non-potable water around the home or business.

Although a standard plastic tank is usually sufficient to store water outside of a building for use in watering nearby plants or a whole garden, pumps are necessary if the harvested water is to be used indoors. The water can also be used to wash cars, flushing toilets and washing clothes.

There are a large variety of pumps available depending on the building design and the type of plumbing system installed. They range from a single pump to an entire pressure and water management system.

•    The Grundfos SB pump is ideal for domestic rainwater applications. It is noiseless with dry running protections and can be combined with a pressure manager for control.

•    The JP pump is a single stage, self-priming centrifugal pump that is built for long term rainwater applications and is easy to maintain. It operates smoothly even if there are air pockets in the water being pumped. This pump works well not only in residential uses but also for small business and horticulture.

•    Pressure managers PM1 and PM2 will suit all sizes of pumps and offer a trouble free control system that will manage the water supply according to home or business water consumption.

The benefits of recycling and harvesting rainwater are many:

•    It is a simple technology that is easy to maintain and reduces water wastage.

•    It cuts water bills for metered households and industries.

•    It is ideal for irrigation as rainwater is free of the contaminants that are usually found in groundwater, especially in urban areas.

•    It reduces groundwater demand, an important factor during droughts.

•    It cuts down the volumes of water directed to public sewers and helps to prevent flooding in low lying regions during periods of high rainfall.

Delivery to Europe; Our Promise

Being part of a continent such as Europe provides citizens with a massive benefit. The fact that the European Union provides us with a common market and free trade across all member states means that we can look outside our own borders to get the best deal.

Anchor Pumps

Anchor Pumps are committed to providing exceptional value to all of our customers, whether they are in the UK, based in the Eurozone or further afield. For any orders over £60, mainland UK delivery is free of charge, while a small charge is made for orders below that amount.

If you need your pump in a hurry, an express service is available, while delivery to the islands surrounding the UK is possible on request. Customers in the Eurozone have been increasingly turning to Anchor Pumps for all of their pump needs, benefiting from the same quality of service and value that our UK customers enjoy. As part of our commitment to providing value to all customers, free delivery to Eurozone countries is available, subject to conditions.

If your order is over €150 in one transaction and your goods weigh less than 30kg, it qualifies for free standard delivery. An order of less than €150 will be subject to a delivery charge of €15, so long as it falls beneath the 30kg mark. International orders from outside the Eurozone can be delivered, but the shipping charges will be calculated upon ordering. If you are importing goods and are outside of the Eurozone, you are likely to be liable for import duty on the goods purchased, which will be in addition to your quoted delivery charge. Contact the team for more information on international deliveries.

Get your Garden Ready for Spring

As the weather gets warmer, the daffodils start peeking out and the evenings seem longer, thoughts inevitably turn to the garden. At this time of year, the heavy work put in tends to pay dividends later on as you can enjoy your outside space in comfort. When considering your garden water features, it is incredibly important to have a high-quality pump to circulate the water, keeping it fresh and clean.

Anchor Pumps

Calpeda offer water pumps that work exceptionally well within outdoor swimming pools. The pump is fully submerged in the water, with a built-in strainer which helps to keep unwanted debris from your swimming pool. This pump will also work to clean water which is slightly dirty, filtering it as it circulates it.

If you are looking for a pump which will create a fountain effect within your pond or water feature, it is vital to get one with an appropriate level of power. There is nothing worse than having a water feature that has a trickle of water or a fountain which sprays too high in the air because it is too powerful. In addition to looking at the gallons per hour figures for a pump, which tells you how much water will be moved by the pump in 60 minutes, it is important to look out for the maximum lift.

Maximum lift, which is also referred to as head or rise by some manufacturers, is the highest level that a pump can spray water. This is a vital statistic to have when purchasing a pump, so that you can ensure that the water level will be high enough to reach the top of your water feature with enough power. Bear in mind that at the maximum height a pump will only produce a trickle, so ideally look for something with a maximum lift at least 12 inches higher than the top of your water feature. At Anchor Pumps we have everything you need this spring and summer.

New Malta and Cyprus Website Now Live

At Anchor Pumps, we are proud to supply a wide range of domestic and industrial pumps for all manner of environments and applications. We are the leading distributor of pumps in the UK and we supply shower pumps, heating pumps, booster pumps and submersible pumps amongst others.

Our product range includes some of the most trusted and reliable brands on the market today, including Blagdon, Grundos, Calpeda, Lowara and many more – as well as manufacturers including Gormann-Rupp and Flowserve.

Thanks to our success in the UK market, we are now ready to expand into new markets – and we have been working hard to develop our market presence and base in Malta and Cyprus; two countries which have huge levels of demand for the products that we offer – at the right price, and with the right service.

So we are delighted to have launched two new websites in order to match this demand and serve our new customers; the new Malta Anchor Pumps Website and the Cyprus Anchor Pumps website. These will offer a range of benefits to customers located in these destinations, and will also serve our UK based clients who do business or have holiday properties in these countries.

As ever, the website will be easy to use and navigate and offer plenty of useful information, as well as clear contact routes to find out more or to speak to our friendly customer services team. We also hope to blog regularly for this market about latest developments and newest product launches in the market. We will be constantly reviewing our online stock to ensure that our prices remain incredibly competitive; offering the best range, quality and brand presence in the market place.

It’s an exciting time for Anchor Pumps and we are delighted to see the hard work pay off with the chance to expand into two new markets, and offer the same products and service levels that we know our customers in the UK appreciate and value!