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5 Year Warranty with Grundfos Pumps

The New Year could not get off to a better start with the news that all Grundfos Domestic Circulator pumps now have a five year warranty. It is further evidence that Grundfos are committed to delivering exceptional quality and can guarantee that their pumps provide lasting solutions.

This can be attributed to their relentless drive to offer a premium pump that can withstand constant use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. A range of industries can attest to their outstanding performance from agricultural water treatment, washing and cleaning to pharmaceuticals.

The state of the art construction is just one of the reasons why Grundfos pumps are reliable and exceptionally durable. The ALPHA and MAGNA range are equipped with a range of technological features, such as AUTOADAPT in the Alpha range, to regulate speed and pressure. They also meet the demands of the recently introduced EuP legislation for Energy Efficiency in the stand alone domestic circulator market.

By avoiding the effects of dry-running, which can significantly reduce the lifespan of a pump, Grundfos have hit upon a winning formula – a longer life expectancy for all their products. Save both energy and money by investing in a Grundfos pump today.

At Anchor Pumps, we are proud to be the largest distributor of Grundfos Industrial pumps in the UK, and are dedicated to offering our customers only the best quality product and service imaginable. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you feel the performance of your pump is less than satisfactory. We will do our utmost to resolve the problem and will offer you a replacement or refund if you are not 100% happy – a promise we will uphold to all of our customers

What Could be Affecting your Water Pressure?

Most people have experienced the frustration of low water pressure, a shower turning into a nightmare because the hose pipe is in use or dishes are being washed. Anchor Pumps aims to remedy all your issues when it comes to pumps and water pressure.

One reason why your water pressure might be low is if more households are being connected to your main water supply so there is less pressure. This increase in usage can be attributed to the rise in population.

Old pipes will have mineral deposits in them and therefore their diameter will be reduced, also affecting the water pressure. Both of these issues can be fixed, a booster pump for example can assist in improving water pressure whereas shower pumps can enhance the water flow of a shower, should the shower system be the main issue in regards to water pressure in the home. Take a browse through our pumps online to discover which pump is best for your requirements.

As a nation we spend a lot of money on our water bills, and with a few simple changes we can save much needed water…

 -When brushing your teeth don’t leave the tap running as this can waste around six litres per minute.

-Fill a jug with cold water and place in the fridge so you don’t have to run the tap and waste water to get a cold glass of water.

-Wash fruit and vegetables in a bowl so less water is wasted. Alternatively, you could use a colander to wash more than one at a time.

-Shower instead of taking a bath as this will save about a third of water in comparison.

Stuart Turner Flo-Mate Pump Awarded Patent

Anchor Pumps are proud to present the five-star reviewed Stuart Turner Flo-Mate 3 Bar Mains Pressure Booster pump, this is a patent awarded booster which can improve even the most powerless of systems.

stuart turner

This pump promises a dramatic difference for systems with low or sporadic water pressure and the reviews are testament to this statement. The regulator valve ensures flow is maintained and adds an additional 1.5 bars of pressure flow rate at a maximum of 12 liters per minute whilst being WRAS approved and adhering to strict UK regulations.

This patented product is easy to use and install, located in line with the rising main after the stop cock. A bypass system guarantees the performance is left unrestricted and so even if a tap or washing machine is in use performance is maintained.

Complete with a one year guarantee which can be extended when the product is registered online, this quiet and effective system ensures that it continues to perform.

As recently reported by Stuart Turner, Ricky Wilson of Central Emergency Services Ltd noted how after a year this product is ‘working perfectly, I haven’t had to make any return visits to the installation’.

With winter 2013 being earmarked as a record-breaking low, many water systems will be tested to their limits. A powerless shower is not something you want to wake up to on a cold winter’s morning and so we hope you enjoy this product as much as other consumers of this product, check out this affordable item online now to remedy all your water pressure issues.

An Energy-Efficient 2014 with Grundfos Pumps

Households around the UK face another year of increasing gas prices, fuelling the need for a more energy efficient home. As the prospect of another harsh winter looms, more of us will be turning the heating on less frequently in response to this disheartening reality. At Anchor Pumps we know that investing in new technologies can make massive savings while doing our bit for the environment too.

Grundfos Pumps

Central heating is the biggest user of energy in the home, yet by switching your central heating pump to an energy efficient ‘A’ labelled MAGNA or ALPHA Grundfos pump you can achieve an energy saving of up to 80%. EuP compliant, these ‘A’ rated Grundfos pumps are the most energy efficient circulator on the market for heating and hot-water systems in Europe.

Highly advanced, Grundfos pumps are engineered to reduce power consumption by using as little electricity as possible – only running when they need to. The integrated display on the ALPHA family shows the actual power consumption in watts so you can keep a check on how much electricity you actually use.

We stock a range of Grundfos pumps whose International Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award for innovative and energy efficient pumps cannot be beaten. Made with stainless steel casings, they are designed to last, making them durable and exceptionally reliable. This means that you won’t have to fork out for another pump anytime soon.

To maximise your savings, our top tip is to use one of our intelligent central heating pumps along with good loft installation or draft excluders to ensure your bills stay low. The government’s ‘Green Deal’ scheme has a target of reducing our country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and fitting one of our central heating pumps is a good way for homeowners to start.

Infographic: Saving money on heating and water bills

With the recent rise in prices from the majority of UK suppliers, we have pulled together our top money saving tips in an eye catching infographic to help you save on the cost of heating and water bills in 2014.

Compiled from recent statistics via a number of trusted industry sources, the useful infographic highlights eye opening facts and statistics when it comes to heating and water costs, common mistakes made in the home that could be costing customers, along with simple solutions that could provide potential money saving opportunities for homeowners.

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