Month: November 2013

Anchor Pumps Sponsor Two Football Teams

Here at Anchor Pumps we are pleased to announce that we are the new sponsors of two football teams here in the North West. As of this year, we are the official sponsors of Witton Albion’s Under 13s squad and also Norcross and Warbreck Under 16s team.

Anchor Pumps

We started sponsoring both teams this year and are happy to see the Anchor Pumps name on the players’ home and away shirts.

Witton Albion’s under 13s squad is a football team based in Northwich, this recent sponsorship was organised by our very own Anchor Pumps employee Paul Rowe. While the sponsorship of Thornton-Cleveleys-based squad Norcross and Warbreck Under 16s was organised by fellow Anchor Pumps staff member Simon Pollard.

On behalf of the whole team at Anchor Pumps, we would like to wish both teams a very successful season!

If you’re going to watch either of these football teams play, make sure you keep an eye out for those Anchor Pumps footie shirts!

Beat the Rise in Energy Bills with Efficient Pump Solutions

Four of the UK’s ‘Big Six’ energy providers have recently introduced price rises of around 8% for 2013/14. This is bad news to homeowners who will already be cranking up the central heating now that winter has rolled around. Here at Anchor Pumps we understand that there is a constant need to cut down on those pricey energy bills, and this is especially more important thanks to these price increases.

One way of saving on energy usage in the home is to swap your current heating circulator pump for an energy efficient heating pump. An inefficient circulator pump can be one of the biggest culprits of energy use in the home – most inefficient D-labelled pumps use far more energy than required, meaning that your energy bills may be quite expensive.

Thanks to this year’s EuP legislation, homes must now have energy efficient circulator pumps installed. Some of these energy efficient pumps include Grundfos pumps such as ALPHA2 and MAGNA circulator pumps.

If you currently have a standard D-Labelled circulator pump in your home, replacing this pump with an A-labelled pump that meets EuP legislation could see a household saving up to 80% in energy usage – helping you to lower those costly energy bills as a result.

Stay warm this winter without worrying about those pricey energy rises by replacing your circulator pump with energy efficient heating circulator pumps. Grundfos pumps such as ALPHA2 and MAGNA circulator pumps are just some of the efficient pumps available to buy online at Anchor Pumps.

Are Bigger Pumps Better? Not According to Grundfos!

Pumps come in all shape and sizes, no one knows this more than Grundfos who have recently created a video showcasing how big pumps don’t always mean better pump solutions…

Known for their intelligent pumps, the Grundfos video showcases the difference between big pumps and smaller yet far more superior smart Grundfos pumps.

Grundfos pumps are known for being highly energy efficient, fully equipped with intelligent features such as AUTOADAPT which is found in Grundfos circulator pumps – it is features like this that ensure Grundfos pumps stay as energy efficient as possible, only running when they need to.

So, what do you think? Are energy-wasting big pumps always better? Or do smarter, appropriately sized, energy efficient pumps such as Grundfos pumps beat their rivals – here at Anchor Pumps we are siding with Grundfos. Make up your own mind by checking out this funny video by Grundfos.

Smarter Pump Solutions with Grundfos GO

Grundfos-GOHere at Anchor Pumps, we have already praised the intelligent pump control feature Grundfos GO, a piece of cutting-edge technology developed by Grundfos that allows you to control Grundfos pumps on the go. Grundfos have recently merged their Grundfos CAPS app with the Grundfos GO app – so now you can communicate with pumps via radio and infrared technology while also having instant access to the Grundfos pump selection platform where you can research through sizing, replacement pumps and a variety of other Grundfos documentation.

The Grundfos Go technology is installed into a number of Grundfos pumps including circulator pumps such as the Grundfos MAGNA3 pump, you can then control these pumps through downloading the Grundfos GO app to your smartphone such as an iPhone or Android.

A highly innovative form of pump control, the Grundfos GO feature showcases just how far Grundfos pumps have advanced over their history. The Grundfos GO functionality can be used on a number of Grundfos e-pumps.

Taking the way we control pumps straight into the 21st century, e-pumps can now be operated from the simplicity of a smart phone. Turning your phone into a Grundfos GO controller couldn’t be easier thanks to the complete range of Grundfos GO accessories available to buy right here at Anchor Pumps. Dongles and remotes can be easily attached to smartphones such as iPhones and Android to instantly transform them into a working pump remote controller.

Discover the benefits of Grundfos GO technology for yourself by controlling pumps such as MAGNA3 pumps with Grundfos GO accessories available to buy online at Anchor Pumps.