Month: August 2013

Anchor Pumps Guide: Choosing the Right Shower Pump

If you have poor water flow in your home, it is likely that you’re not getting the most out of your shower experience. Here at Anchor Pumps we don’t want any home to have to settle for second best with their water flow – that’s why we offer a comprehensive range of shower pumps which will enhance the power of any shower while improving your shower experience.   Here’s a little ‘Anchor advice’ on choosing the most effective shower pump for your shower system…

Shower Pumps

  • The first thing you will need to check before you buy a shower pump is the type of boiler that you have fitted into your home. Boilers are either combi-boiler systems or conventional system boilers. Knowing which boiler that you have will help you select the correct pump.
  • Most shower pumps are only compatible with certain shower systems. For a water supply that is above the shower head you will require a positive head shower pump while a water supply that is below the shower head will need a negative shower pump.
  • Remember if you are intending to use your shower pump to boost the flow rate of more than one shower in the home, you will require a more powerful shower pump.
  • Before buying a shower pump, it is important to have a think about where you will store the shower pump. The majority of shower pumps are stored by the home’s water tank. Remember to choose a location that will conveniently store the pump while also providing easy access should the pump require maintenance.
  • You should then decide which pump brand you would like to buy. Here at Anchor Pumps we offer an extensive selection of reputable products such as Grundfos shower pumps and Stuart Turner shower pumps – with each pump manufacturer having extensive experience in the production of quality domestic pumps that can be relied on year after year.

If you need any extra help in choosing a shower pump for your home, please feel free to get in touch with the team at Anchor Pumps today!

Grundfos: Commercial, Domestic (and Ape!) Pump Applications

Grundfos pumps are known for their great level of versatility, and the leading pump manufacturer’s ability to provide an extensive range of pump applications was recently put to the test when they were asked to develop pump solutions for Chester Zoo.

Grundfos Pumps Chester Zoo

As the largest zoo outside of London, over 1.4 million people flock to Chester Zoo annually. The zoo regularly promotes animal welfare and they recently wanted to improve their orang-utan enclosure – so naturally they called in Grundfos to get the job done!

Grundfos took on the task of providing a reliable and effective pump solution for the “Realm of the Red Ape”, the name given to the Sumatran orang-utan enclosure. Chester Zoo wanted to provide this critically endangered species with a sufficient water supply through the use of a bespoke waterfall feature.

Grundfos knew that the job called for a set of Grundfos submersible pumps, and now two Grundfos Submersible SL1 80 pumps are being used to maintain a continuous flow to the waterfall which acts as a natural barrier for the orang-utans, while also providing them with a pleasant area to cool down.

The Submersible SL1 80 pump is just one of the reliable pump solutions developed by Grundfos.

Energy efficiency is also key to Grundfos pumps and since installing the pumps, Chester Zoo have found that there has been a reduction in the energy costs of operating the waterfall.

As well as catering to the needs of apes, Grundfos submersible pumps can effectively handle a range of wastewater applications where a continuous flow is required.

Anchor Pumps Welcome New Starters

At Anchor Pumps, our knowledge of the pump industry is second to none. Providing quality advice alongside our trustworthy and high performance products, our staff come from a variety of pump industry backgrounds and are able to offer the best and most reliable service. We are pleased to announce that our skilled team has recently grown with the arrival of four new starters.

Simon Pollard is one of the new starters to have recently joined Anchor as National Sales Manager. With over 20 years’ experience in the pump industry, Simon has covered a range of roles such as Senior Site Engineer, Product Specialist and Account Manager, working for both national distributors and manufacturers. Simon will now lead the sales team forward in the industrial division.

Gary Gardner is another new addition to the Anchor Pumps team. Gary has over 30 years’ experience in the pump industry, having previously worked in pump distribution and electro-mechanical engineering. Providing Technical Sales Support to the Anchor Pumps Webshop, Gary will help to drive the web presence of Anchor even further.

New starter Michelle Openshaw also brings with her great experience within the pump industry, adding another 15 years’ expertise to the skilled team at Anchor. Michelle will be developing our After Sales Customer Support for both online and industrial customers – providing an accessible, single point of contact for all of our customers.

Rounding off the latest set of new additions to the Anchor Pumps team is Danielle Bell. Joining the Webshop Sales team, Danielle has come from a strong customer service and hospitality background, working directly with the general public.

Our new starters add even more expertise to the knowledgeable team at Anchor Pumps. Our team has over 100 years’ combined experience in the pump industry and we use our expertise to deliver appropriate and dependable pump solutions.

On behalf of the whole team at Anchor Pumps, we would like to wish our new starters a warm welcome!