Month: March 2013

Installing a Swimming Pool? You Will Need a Swimming Pool Pump

The summer months are creeping up on us and, with hotter weather hopefully within our sights, one thing that many home owners may be adding to their properties is a swimming pool or whirlpool. At Anchor Pumps, we offer great expertise and experience in all types of pump systems, and you will find swimming pool pumps to cater to whirlpools and swimming pools both large and small on our easy to use online store.

A swimming pool pump is not only essential to the overall maintenance of a pool – working to evenly disperse treatment chemicals so that water is not left stagnant – but swimming pool pumps, such as heating pumps, are also intended to keep the pool water warm, clean and comfortable to swim in.

One brand that offers a great range of versatile swimming pool and whirlpool pumps is Lowara. Providing swimming pool and whirlpool pumps with a broad number of specifications, Lowara offer a comprehensive selection of pumps that you can choose from online at Anchor Pumps.

The Lowara AV (J) Series of Swimming Pool Pumps is one example of swimming pool pumps available to buy. The AV range of swimming pool pumps can be used within private or community swimming pools, AV pumps can also be used with water that has been treated with chlorine – allowing you to circulate water that is clean and safe to swim in.

If you need advice on what type of pump you require for a swimming pool, whirlpool or spa, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Anchor Pumps for further information or simply check out our huge range of swimming pool pumps available to buy online.

Special Offers on Lowara Pumps at Anchor Pumps

With over 40 years’ experience providing innovative pump solutions, Lowara has earned a reputation as a trusting name within the pump industry. Specialising in hydraulic pumps, Lowara pumps are widely regarded as dependable pumps with durable and long lasting designs. At Anchor Pumps we are all about giving our customers leading pump solutions at affordable prices and that’s why you will find a great selection of Lowara pumps in the special offers section of our website.


Currently, at Anchor Pumps we are offering great savings on a selection of Lowara Drainage/ Dirty Water pumps. Submersible pumps, such as the Lowara DOC3/A Drainage/ Dirty Water Pump with Floatswitch, have a number of uses including the removal of floodwater. Whether you have a flooded basement or need to dispose wastewater from below sewer level, submersible pumps are an efficient solution to a number of wastewater management solutions.

At Anchor Pumps we sell Lowara submersible pumps with or without the floatswitch. There are a number of different pumps to choose from and each Lowara DOC pump is suitable for clean and dirty water applications such as small sumps and cellar or basement drainage.

With a strong and durable design, you can take advantage of great savings on Lowara pumps and many more pump brands by checking out the very latest special offers available to buy online at Anchor Pumps.