Month: February 2013

Claim your Free £20 Love2Shop Voucher with Purchase of any SOLOLIFT2 Product

Grundfos pumps are known for their quality designs and great value for money, and Grundfos are currently offering even more value by giving away a £20 Love2Shop voucher with the purchase of any product from the cutting-edge SOLOLIFT2 range.

Redeemable on the Grundfos website, if you purchase any SOLOLIFT2 Grundfos pump from Anchor Pumps, you will be eligible for a £20 Love2Shop voucher – allowing you to enjoy £20 off savings in all of your favourite high street stores.

The Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 range is a comprehensive solution for wastewater disposal. Providing leading performance, Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 pumps can handle wastewater for any combination of sink, WC, shower, bidet and washing machine. With easy to install designs, the SOLOLIFT2 range of sanitary pumps has earned a strong reputation of having an unbeatable flexibility and adaptability.

The collection of five SOLOLIFT2 pumps can be used with a number of applications including domestic uses such as adding an extra bathroom to the home. SOLOLIFT2 pumps can also be used in commercial environments such as in hotels or offices.

Choose innovation and a high performance design with SOLOLIFT2 pumps available from Anchor Pumps. To get hold of your £20 Love2Shop voucher, simply purchase any product from the SOLOLIFT2 range of Grundfos pumps and register your details here to qualify.

Advanced Pump Monitoring Solutions with Grundfos GO

As reported recently on our blog, Grundfos have recently launched a new range of MAGNA3 pumps and along with this new launch comes the arrival of Grundfos GO technology. A step forward in pump monitoring solutions, Grundfos GO is cutting-edge technology developed by Grundfos which allows users to control and monitor pumps from the simplicity of a smart phone.

At Anchor Pumps we have recently added a number of Grundfos GO accessories to give you the opportunity to take advantage of this innovative new pump technology. Grundfos GO software can be enabled through the use of an Apple device such as an iPhone or an iPod touch, or you can operate the software with an Android device.

The range of Grundfos GO accessories will instantly adapt your smart phone device – then all you have to do is download the Grundfos GO app and you are on your way to monitoring and controlling pumps as well as having access to a number of useful features such as reports which display pump performance.

If you have an Android, or another IOS smartphone with Bluetooth connection, then an add-on that can be used is the Grundfos GO MI 301 Universal Dongle. Simply attach the dongle to the phone to have access to all of the controlling, monitoring and reviewing features.

For Apple users, there are a number of add-on accessories to choose from including the Grundfos GO iPod Touch / iPhone Cover and the Grundfos GO MI 202 Remote Dongle. Like the Universal Dongle, add-ons for apple devices come equipped with infrared and radio communication technology to allow for pump monitoring even when you are on the go.

For those who don’t have a smart phone device, but don’t want to miss out on this leading pump revolution, at Anchor Pumps we have a complete solution thanks to the Grundfos GO MI 201 Remote. Complete with an iPhone Touch, this remote allows you to access all of the innovative features that Grundfos GO has to offer – including the creation of pump performance PDF reports.

Discover the latest step in pumping technology with the selection of MAGNA3 Grundfos pumps and Grundfos GO accessories, available to buy online now at Anchor Pumps.