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Kennet K/KFL/Boostamatic Booster Pumps

Stuart Turner is a market leader in the design and manufacture of pumps. The company was created over a century ago and since then the business has developed a reputation for excellent design and high quality products. The Kennet range of centrifugal single stage pumps is manufactured from brass and stainless steel with nitrile / carbon / ceramic seal options. Impeller options include plastic and brass. Intended primarily for the transfer, distribution and pressure boosting of fresh clean water, the pumps can also be used with liquids having similar properties to water, provided that they are clean, non explosive and non aggressive.

Kennet pumps feature connections for vertical delivery from horizontal suction. Available with three different sizes of motor, the pumps can deliver flow rates up to 210 litres per minute and heads of up to 14 metres in height. All Kennet centrifugal single stage pumps are designed to cope with continuous use. Operating in ambient temperatures of up to 40 degrees Centigrade, the basic pump model can pump liquid with a temperature range of between four and 80 degrees Centigrade.

For outlets in a positive head application which require an instant boost to the supply, the Kennet KFL Automatic Flow Switch pumps provide a simple solution. Easy to install, the automatic flow switch boosts pressure where there is an existing gravity flow of approximately one litre per minute. Where a pressurised water supply is required from a break tank in either a negative or positive head application, the Kennet Boostamatic pump is designed to offer a fully automated solution. Requiring no gravity flow in order to activate the pumping mechanism, the Boostamatic pump offers inbuilt pressure and flow switch activation.

Kennet K/KFL/Boostamatic Booster Pumps

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4 Products

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