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Home Booster, Max-E Boost and UPA 15-90N

The Grundfos home booster is a self contained cold water booster set that is suitable for residential properties where the existing mains water supply is insufficient to meet domestic needs for pressurized hot and cold water. It is suitable for most domestic properties with one or two standard bathrooms. The unit comes with an integral 200 litres storage tank. An additional 180 litres slave tank option is available for those properties with four or five occupants or where the tank refill is very slow due to poor water mains pressure.

It is easily installed with connections to mains cold water supply, discharge pipe, overflow pipe and electrical connections.

The pump is controlled by the Grundfos PM2 pressure manager on and off controller. It has indicators for pressure, pump status and fault, and a reset button. The PM2 also protects the pump from water loss, air locks or seizure.

A pressure transducer in the PM2 controller monitors the discharge pressure. The pump starts when the pressure falls to the cut-in start pressure. This cut-in pressure can be set by DIP switches in 0.5 bar steps. The discharge pressure can also be regulated by the installation of a separate pressure reducing valve.

The maximum operation conditions for the Grundfos home booster are:

-       A liquid temperature range of between +3 to +40 degrees Celsius
-       An ambient temperature up to +40 degrees Celsius
-       A sound pressure level of 65 decibels
-       A maximum closed valve discharge pressure of 3.6 bar for 3.0 Bar booster and 5.6 bar for the 4.5 Bar booster

The unit should be installed in a dry, well ventilated and frost free location where temperature extremes cannot affect it. It must rest on a solid base that is both level and flat to avoid any distortion. This surface should also adequately support the weight of the water tank and will help to reduce noise levels.

Home Booster, Max-E Boost and UPA 15-90N

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5 Products

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