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GXV(M)/GXC(M) Waste Water Pumps

Calpeda's range of submersible waste water pumps includes the GXV and GXC models. These are both available fitted with a 240v or 415v motor, to provide optimum levels of performance whatever the application. They can be used for pumping away dirty water or sewage. These waste water pumps use a float-switch, providing an automatic stop and start function that can easily be adjusted if required.

The GXC model has a twin channel impeller while there is a single impeller on the GXV version. This utilises a free-flow or vortex system, making it suitable even for water that has a large amount of solids within it or that contains filamentous particles. Both models are fitted with a vertical delivery port, allowing the pumps to be fitted into confined spaces, such as small pits, without any installation difficulties. The motor within the pumps is kept independent from the water due to the twin shaft seal and oil chamber. This prevents the pump from being used accidentally when it is dry.

The pumps are manufactured from rolled stainless steel and have clean and even surfaces. This means that they are easy to clean and maintain and can even be used in some applications within the food industry. There are two lines of holes incorporated into the suction strainer, which stops the system from becoming blocked up by solid objects.

Calpeda is an Italian manufacturer of electrical pumps. It has a world class reputation for producing high quality pumps that are both durable and reliable. Its specialist team keeps up to date with the latest advances in technology, allowing the company to design systems that provide the best level of service to customers.

GXV(M)/GXC(M) Waste Water Pumps
GXV(M)/GXC(M) Waste Water Pumps
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