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Lowara Pump Spares

Lowara is one of the leading global manufacturers of stainless steel pump systems. They make a range of products that can be used in different settings, such as residential, commercial and industrial. These include wastewater systems, heating and air conditioning systems, agricultural environments and equipment for the fire services. The pumping systems are easy to install and provide a low maintenance solution. However, if problems do arise, then Lowara supply a number of spare parts for the various models. Lowara pump spares are manufactured to the same high quality standards and provide the level of reliability that you would expect from this manufacturer.

Submersible pump spares are available for the different ranges, including DOC, DIWA, DOMO and DN. Lowara submersible pumps are suitable for the drainage of both clean and dirty water. There are a range of models that can be fitted both with and without a floatswitch. If you are looking for Lowara pump parts for their C series then we have a number of products in stock to ensure your pump is working efficiently again as soon as possible. The C series contains centrifugal booster pumps that are fitted into both domestic and industrial environments. We can also supply Lowara pump spares for their BG series of self-priming centrifugal pumps. If you require spares for your pool pumping system, then we stock parts for Lowara’s AV and AG pool pumps.

These types of systems are suitable for both residential and commercial pools, as well as other water systems, including fountains. Lowara’s aim is to provide a range of innovative and high quality products to their customers. This dedication and commitment to the service they provide can even be seen in the parts and spares they supply for their pumping systems. If you need any assistance in selecting the appropriate part, one of our expert team will be able to help you.