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Full workshop repair KSB AMA Porter

KSB Pump Spares

KSB are a major manufacturer of pumping systems, as well as valves and other associated products. They invest in their research and development facilities, in order to create innovative solutions using the latest technology. They are committed to integrating energy efficient features to help their customers save money. If you’re looking for KSB pump spares for one of their systems, then we stock parts for the following models. The AMA-Drainer range consists of the N series and the NC series. The N series is a submersible pump that is suitable for applications involving dirty water.

The pumps can be used in a range of situations, including the drainage of flooded areas and underground tunnels. We also stock KSB pump parts for the NC series, which is designed for use with aggressive liquids. The pump can help with the drainage of liquids such as sea water, swimming pools, acid and base water. Another KSB submersible pump is the AMA-Porter. These models are suitable for draining areas where sewage or waste water is involved. This can included drainage systems for domestic appliances, as well as pumping out flooded areas or surface water.

At Anchor Pumps we can supply KSB pump spares for their Hya-Rain system. This rainwater harvesting pump is extremely compact and easy to install, making it a good choice for domestic settings. The system can recycle rainwater and other used water, which is then reused for irrigation or sprinkler systems. This enables users to save money and reduce their effect on the environment. KSB pumps have been designed to be reliable and durable, offering customers a high quality product that meets their requirements. For further details on our full range of KSB pump parts please browse through the website. If you have any questions or need additional information, then one of our team of experts will be able to assist you.