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Full workshop repair Flotec Home Booster

Flotec Pump Spares

Flotec have been manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic pumps for a number of years. They aim to provide their customers with a high quality and reliable piece of equipment, which offers a safe and efficient solution to their pump needs. The Flotex Waterpress range is a collection of booster pumps. These can be used in a number of domestic applications in order to increase the amount of water pressure when the current situation is not sufficient. They are manufactured from stainless steel in different sizes to accommodate a range of needs.

The Waterpress pumps offer customer durability and reliability. If you are looking for Flotec pump parts for their submersible drainage pumps, then we have an extensive selection. These pumps can accommodate both dirty and waste water and have a range of capacities. They are suitable for use in flooding situations or other environments where water needs to be pumped away. They can be used constantly without a reduction in power, offering a reliable solution when it’s most needed. Flotec borehole pumps are also submersible and can be installed into wells and boreholes.

The pumps are suitable for a number of industrial and domestic applications that require a submersible pump. They can be operated for long periods and under high pressure conditions, without affecting the operating capacity. When there is no convenient electricity supply, Flotec’s range of petrol driven pumps can provide the capacity you require without the need for a power connection. The Hydroblaster range is suitable for use in power cuts and other emergency situations, enabling users to pump away water wherever they are. At Anchor Pumps we supply a range of Flotec pump parts for a number of their models. If you can’t see what you require or are unsure about any aspect, one of our team will be happy to help.