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Calpeda Pump Spares

Calpeda manufacture a wide range of specialist pumping systems, which can be used in a number of domestic and commercial settings. They include submersible, swimming pool, pressure boosting, centrifugal and multi-stage pumps. They are often used in agricultural settings and industrial environments, to pump wastewater or sewage or within heating and ventilation systems. We stock a selection of Calpeda pump spares for a variety of their models.

This includes the GX submersible range, which features the GXV25, GXR, GXV and GXC models. These electrical pumps are simple to install and use when needed. They are extremely durable and reliable and versions that feature a floatswitch have an automatic stop and start function. Calpeda’s pool and whirlpool pumps are suitable for use in both domestic and commercial settings. There are a number of Calpeda pump parts that can be used to service and repair these models. The pumps have been specifically designed for use in water, with the motor protected from the liquid and the materials used in the manufacturing process are resistant to corrosion. If you require Calpeda pump parts for the NM range, then we stock spares for both the flanged end and threaded end models.

The flanged centrifugal pumps are suitable for residential and commercial applications, including both within buildings and on agricultural land. The threaded end models can be used to pump mains water, fire fighting equipment and irrigation solutions. The Unimat Alpha is a pressurisation set that utilises just one pump. It is fitted into closed-circuit environments, such as heating and cooling systems. The system provides a complete pressurisation solution. Calpeda is well known for its Italian heritage and the quality of the products they produce. Calpeda pump spares are made to the same exacting standards and ensure that your pump will last for longer and maintain its reliability.