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Blagdon Pump Spares

Blagdon manufacture a range of reliable and high performance pumps that can be used in a number of situations. They are particularly suitable for use in extreme and harsh settings, which other pumps would not be able to handle. Blagdon’s metallic range includes a selection of pumps for different applications in aluminium, stainless steel and cast iron. If you require Blagdon pump spares for any of the metallic models then we can help.

The aluminium pumps can handle liquids that contain solids or slurry, even those with light flow rates or low pressure. These pumps are extremely flexible, with the ability to be completely submersed. This makes them suitable for both commercial and residential applications. The stainless steel and cast iron self priming pumps are robust and durable models that have low maintenance requirements. We can supply a range of Blagdon pump parts if you require spares. These pumps have been built to withstand the pressures of extreme environments and can handle large volumes of liquid.

For situations where liquid is passing through in large volumes and at a higher pressure, Blagdon manufacture a specialist range of high pressure pumps. These ensure that the liquid is handled smoothly and safely. At Anchor Pumps we also stock Blagdon pump spares for their hygienic range. These are manufactured from stainless steel that has been electro-polished and they are both EU approved and CIP cleanable certified.

Their FDA compliant pumps meet the regulations set out by the US Food and Drug Administration. Blagdon are continuously improving the quality of their pumps using the latest technologies. They are also committed to offering an excellent standard of service to their customers. We stock a wide range of Blagdon pump parts, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for then you can speak to one of our expert team.