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Full workshop repair ABS Robusta

Abs Pump Parts

The Robusta and Coronada range of ABS submersible pumps are suitable for applications in sewage and other waste water disposal. The Robusta model is designed to pump clear waste water for houses or gardens. It works well to drain sumps, basements and cellars. Some ABS pump parts for these models are a polypropylene pump casing and a stainless steel motor shaft. Other accessories include

  • A brass gate valve with an internal thread of 1.25 inches
  • A synthetic non return flat valve with a 1.25 inch internal thread
  • A non return ball valve with a 1.25 inch internal thread
  • A plug in alarm that work with a DIN socket and 230 volts. It has an audible alarm and cancel button. It comes supplied with a special loading unit that enables it to operate independently of the electrical mains
  • An alarm contact float switch##• 9 volt NC batteries
  • A control unit that automatically changes the start sequence

The Coronada pump is a light submersible pump that works from the mains to remove waste water that contains solids of up to 10 mm diameter. It is pressure tight and flood proof with a stainless steel outer jacket. There are two models, standard and an SX model that is suitable for emptying larger areas such as drainage pits and galleries

  • The ABS pump spares for this model include;
  • A housing, including screens and fasteners that are made of AISI 304 grade stainless steel
  • A motor shaft of AISI 303 grade stainless steel##• Nitrile rubber seals for the standard Coronada model and Viton seals for the SX model;
  • The standard model has a neoprene cable while the SX model has a PVC cable

A polyphenyl oxide (PPO) impeller and handle for both models. Additional accessories include gate valves, non return valves, a discharge connection kit, NC batteries for an off mains operation, control units and alarm kits.