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Flood Kits

Flooding is a major problem in many areas, and being able to clear water from properties or gardens quickly is key to dealing with the problem and minimising damage and disruption. Of course, it’s possible to buy all of the parts you need to pump out water individually, but in an emergency it’s much easier to turn to a ready-made flood kit.

These kits are compact and easy to store, so flood equipment can be kept handy for emergencies when you need to defend your property against flood damage. They’re suitable for use in domestic and commercial premises to pump flood water away from vulnerable areas to somewhere it can safely drain away. The Anchor pumps kit uses a Wilo-Drain 240v mains-powered flood pump. This comes with a 10m length of lay-flat hose along with hosetail clips and cam couplings. It also has a basket to filter out leaves and debris which can also be used to store and carry the kit.

The Flotec SOS flood kit uses a Compac 200mm submersible flood pump. This comes with 10m of cable and 12.5m of lay-flat hose with a connection kit. It also has a crate to filter debris which can be used for storing and transporting the kit. The pump has a maximum immersion depth of seven metres and can pump down to a 30mm water level on its automatic setting or as little as 3mm when set manually. All Flotec pumps come with a three-year warranty to provide added peace of mind.