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M Range Spares

Mono offers high quality spares for its M range of rotating cavity pumps. These pumps have a significant suction lift capability and are ideal for handling high viscosity liquids. The spares carry a three year warranty against defective manufacture and materials. The spares are manufactured to ISO 9001: 2001 standards and the parts are matrix tested to ensure that they meet all of the manufacturer's requirements. The most important parts are the rotor and the stator. These form the heart of the Mono rotating cavity M series pumps. The rotor turns within the stator and carries in the pumped liquids. These components are subject to intensive wearing and are manufactured in a choice of durable materials.

  • • Stators. These parts are produced in high quality nitrile rubber or other quality elastomers that have been custom produced. The elastomer manufacturing process has been developed over the past 50 years and has produced parts which offer a long lasting operational lifetime
  • • Rotors are chrome plated to a thickness of 0.25 mm
  • Other available parts are:

  • • Shafts
  • • Coupling rods
  • • Seals
  • • Pins / brushes
  • • Drive train assembly
  • Some of the M range pumps have a fully assembled rotating unit as a spare part. The items included in this assembly are:

  • • Stator
  • • Rotor
  • • Coupling rod
  • • Joint kit
  • • Shaft for plugging in
  • • Gland packing or mechanical seal
  • It is worth noting that in some cases, the cost of replacing spare parts may be as much as buying a new pump so it is worth assessing whether it would be better to replace the pump.

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