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 Lowara C Series Lowara Doc Range 

AV/AG Swimming Pool

The Lowara AV and AG ranges are made up of self-priming swimming pool pumps. They can be used for both residential and public pools, as well as water tanks, fountains and other water displays and a number of light industrial settings. The pumps are suitable for use with water that has been treated with iodine, chlorine and bromine or seawater.

The pumps are fitted with either a 240v or 415v motor. There are both single and three phase motor models available. They provide a power output of between 0.3kW and 1.5kW. The AV and AG pumps can accommodate head sizes of up to a maximum of 17m. They are suitable for use with flow rates of up to 30m3/h. These pumps can be used with water temperatures of between -10oC and 40oC. They have a maximum operating pressure of 2 bar.

The pumps are extremely reliable and durable. The body, impeller, diffuser, basket filter and drain cap are all manufactured from strong technopolymer. They are fitted with a ceramic and carbon mechanical seal. Lowara manufactures a number of pumps for both the commercial and residential markets. Their aims are to be innovative in their approach to developing new ranges, to achieve high levels of quality and customer satisfaction and to improve the way in which they work. All this enables them to supply a range of reliable pumps to their customers, which are suitable for a variety of applications. These include pressurisation, lifting stations, irrigation, water treatment, conditioning and fire-fighting equipment.