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Comfort Hot Water Service Circulators 240V

The Grundfos Comfort range is used to recirculate domestic hot water in pressurised systems. They use a spherical motor, so there is no rotating bearing shaft as there is in a canned-rotor motor. In these pumps the stator transfers the magnetic field to the rotor in the water-conducting section. The water-conducting element has an air-tight seal that separates it from the stator using a stainless steel spherical separator.

There are two Comfort pump models: UP15-14BA and UP20-14BXA. They are available either with or without a check valve.

Comfort pumps feature three operation modes. They are fitted with an AUTOADAPT feature. This maintains a comfortable heat within the property, but with minimal energy usage. The pump learns the desired heating settings for the system and adapts to them automatically. This ensures that the pump is only in use when it's needed; reducing the running time and saving energy and money. It can even recognise changes in this pattern, such as entering holiday mode.

The pumps also have a Temperature Mode, where the temperature of the water stays within a pre-defined range. The 100% Mode keeps the pump running all the time at top speed. Each pump is automatically set to the AUTOADAPT mode, but these can easily be changed with a single touch.

There is an automatic disinfection process used by these pumps. Once a week the temperature of the boiler will automatically increase considerably and the water will circulate around the system for 15 minutes in order to disinfect it.

This range of compact pumps is easy to install, even within confined areas. They are fitted with an ALPHA plug. Once this is plugged in, the system can be used straightaway and there is no need to open the terminal box. Conducting maintenance and cleaning of the pump is straightforward, as the motor can be separated from the pump housing.

They use a corrosion-resistant impeller and drinking water approved materials, including a brass-pump housing.