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e.sybox Home Booster Set

The DAB E.sybox home booster is a pump designed for domestic and light commercial needs. It is one of a kind and is small and easy to use. It allows a constant water pressure to be pumped even when the flow rate varies. It is equipped with inverter technology and is an integrated electronic system, meaning it gives maximum output performance for the minimum amount of input. The pump itself is in a sound-proof case and only gives out 45d, which is barely more than a whisper. The pump can be placed in a recess or a ventilated room. It can sit horizontally or vertically and is 30% smaller than other more conventional booster sets. Its set-up is very simple, as all you need to do is connect the E.sybox to the power supply and a suitable water storage tank and you will have all the water you require whenever you require it.

It can pump up to 120 litres of water a minute, up to a maximum head of 62 metres. Its single head uses a maximum of 1.5kw of power at a time. Because of its inverter technology, the E.sybox is clever enough to only draw the power it needs for the amount of water it is pumping at the time. It also has a wireless device, meaning it can communicate with other DAB devices. It has a high-resolution LCD display to show you what it is doing, and it consists of a self-priming multi-stage pump that also has pressure and flow sensors that adjust automatically according to the water flow.