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Filter Regulators

Air operated diaphragm pumps are high performance pumps for extreme environments. These can pump liquids ranging from highly corrosive acids to viscous paints and adhesives as well as a larger range of food and beverage products.

This type of pneumatic equipment has to operate at a specific pressure range. The pump will not perform at too low a pressure while too high a pressure could break the seal and cause leakages. The filter regulator first removes impurities in the air system and the regulator maintains a reliable pressure.

The filter works by first trapping solid particles such as dust, rust and dirt. Then it separates oil, water and other liquids than could remain in the compressed air. If the filter regulator lubricator is not installed, the resulting pump damage could cause substantial down time.

There are three types of filters:

  • • General purpose for the removal of particles and water
  • • Oil removal or coalescing
  • • Vapour removal
  • The size of the filter to be used in any application has to be determined by estimating the allowable maximum pressure drop that the filter can cause. The pressure regulator reduces and controls the fluid pressure in a compressed air system. They are also called pressure reducing valves. In optimal mode, the pressure regulator should ensure that the output pressure remains constant irrespective of any variations in the input pressure.

    Blagdon Pumps filter regulators also ensure that:

  • • There is a remote (control) installation available so that all maintenance is trouble free
  • • The pump can be controlled independently of any other equipment