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With over 40 years experience Lowara has become a leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and water handling and control systems. As part of the ITT Corporation, Lowara is acknowledged as a consistent and dependable source of pump systems, dedicated to developing and achieving innovative technologies for the water market.

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Lowara pumps are made to be resilient and long lasting. Using fabricated stainless steel and laser welding technology means that water remains free of contamination and resistant to chemicals.

With a wealth of world-class products available to suit any purpose, Lowara offers a high quality and cost-effective pump system which is efficient and reliable. The complete range of pumps offer solutions for residential, agriculture and industrial applications.

Lowara provides a variety of pumps to help with pressurisation, fire-fighting systems, dewatering and irrigation. As well as this Lowara also offer drinking water processes, water treatment and the provision of washing equipment and machine tool cooling.

Lowara is not just focused on creating effective, high quality solutions for water technology applications. Another key objective for Lowara is to create eco-compatible and energy saving products, ensuring not only reliability but also the safe and economic use of water.

With so many options to choose from, Anchor Pumps will not only help you identify the right Lowara pump for your purpose, but our experienced technical staff will also install the pump for you. They will also offer you advice and assistance with any queries you have about the operation or maintenance of your new system once installation is complete. For more information about Lowara pumps contact us direct or browse our website for further details.