CAT Pumps


High Pressure Pumps

Cat Pumps manufacture and supply high pressure pumps for Cleaning Systems, Car Wash, Water Purification & Desalination by Reverse Osmosis, Chemical Processes, Pressure Testing and other applications that require a reliable source of high-pressure liquid.

Performance Range:

  • 7 to 700 bar pressure
  • 0.1 to 285 litres/minute flow
  • Higher flows & pressures to special order

Cat Pumps is widely recognised as the premium brand of triplex plunger and piston positive-displacement pumps. With an unequalled reputation for quality and service, Cat Pumps high-pressure pumps are regularly specified by engineers, designers, process technicians and maintenance managers who rely on them for optimum reliability, minimal down-time and excellent after-sales support.

Cat Pumps specialise in pumping low to medium viscosity liquids which themselves have little or no inherent lubricity and cannot therefore be pumped using other pump types such as rotary positive or axial-piston pumps.

Cat Pumps products are suitable for handling:

  • Mains (town) water
  • De-ionised, demineralised and ultra-pure water
  • Seawater
  • Reclaimed process water

Custom-built pumps are available for highly aggressive chemicals, solvents, oils, solutions and liquefied gasses such as liquid CO2.