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Calpeda is part of an industrial group operating specifically in the electric pump industry and are committed to the study, development and manufacture of pumping systems.

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The company was founded many years ago by Vinicio Mettifogo, and now has 250 employees and 30.000 square meters in their headquarters in Montorso Vicentino (Vicenza), producing over 2.000 types of pumps with power ranging from 0.5 to 200 kW.

Their products are manufactured by the group’s foundries that specialise in cast iron and bronze and they have two companies within the Calpeda Group that specialise in Borehole submersible pumps for 4” and 6” wells.

Calpeda Group is expanding into an increasing number of countries world-wide through subsidiary companies, branches and distributors and are well-know for their specific ranges covering a large variety of uses including:

  • Domestic and industrial applications
  • Groundwater, wastewater and sewage applications
  • Civil plants
  • Building-service sector
  • Agricultural and irrigation applications
  • Swimming pools and spa baths