What Type of Shower Pump Do I Need?

Few things in life are more annoying than a shower that doesn’t have enough power behind it. Let’s face it – a trickle of water just doesn’t feel as if it’s getting the job done. This is why choosing the right shower pump is important. If your home has poor water pressure, a shower pump can put that right by boosting the water flow and enabling you to enjoy a satisfying, powerful shower experience.

If you find yourself asking what shower pump do i need? Here are some tips and recommendations from the team at Anchor Pumps to help;

What Shower Pump Do I Need

Firstly, check the kind of boiler you have in your home. Your choice of shower pump will depend on whether you have a conventional system or a combi-boiler system. Next you need to decide whether you require a positive or negative head shower pump. This may sound a bit daunting, but it’s really quite straightforward. If the vertical distance between the base of your cistern tank and your shower head is 500mm or more, you need a positive head pump, as this kind of system relies on gravity to get the water to your shower head. However, if your shower head is situated at or above the level of your cistern tank, then a negative head pump is what you need, as this system sucks the water from the tank to take to your shower head.

Just bear in mind that if you have more than one shower in your home in need of a boost, then you’ll want to select a more powerful model.You also need to take into account where the pump will be stored – most will live in the water tank.

That covers the basics, and now comes the next part: choosing from the various brands. The amount of choice can seem a little daunting, but in our opinion there are three shower pump models that stand out for their combination of high performance and low noise levels.

Stuart Turner is a major name in shower pumps, and the company’s Monsoon range has a great reputation. Made from high-quality brass, there are various models to choose from, including single-head or twin-head options, and all are low-voltage and therefore cost-effective.

The Salamander CT Force range offers high quality regenerative pumps, value for money, brass construction, low maintenance, reliability, efficiency and quietness. They are also easy to install and will last you for a good number of years.

Grundfos pumps offer carefully designed, well-constructed and thoroughly reliable pumps which are easy to install and fitted with high-density long-life carbon-graphite seals, integral controls and anti-vibration feet.

However, if you’re looking for a quality pump priced at under £150 which will be just as effective as costlier models, then take a look at the Stuart Turner ShowerMate Eco S2.0 Twin or the Salamander CT75 Xtra 2.0 Bar – both represent excellent value for money.

Keep these tips in mind and you can’t go far wrong! 

Introducing the CT Bathroom from Salamander Pumps

Salamander pumps are one of the most respected brands on the market today, with their products renowned for quality and performance alike. The company’s highly successful CT range of pumps has now been expanded with the addition of a new bathroom pump.

CT Bathroom from Salamander Pumps


The CT range of pumps includes some of the finest models in Salamander’s current offering. Existing models in the CT series include the CT Xtra family and the CT Force range of ultra-powerful pumps. The CT Bathroom is the latest addition to this highly successful series, specially designed for domestic and small-scale commercial bathroom applications. It boasts higher pressure outputs and performance fine-tuned for the needs of a bathroom setting. The CT Bathroom pumps are capable of boosting hot and cold water supplies separately or at the same time, using unique crossover technology to prevent the overheating problems that can arise in other pumps when hot and cold sides are active separately.

CT Bathroom pumps are quiet, energy-efficient and highly effective. They are suitable for just about any bathroom application you might have in mind. Showers, bathroom sinks and lavatories all fall within the domain of Salamander’s latest CT pumps. These pumps will prove useful when water pressure has to be boosted to accommodate multiple or high-performance outlets, or when other factors have caused water pressure to drop before it reaches the bathroom.

Salamander now produces several variants of the CT Bathroom range, including the CT60 Bathroom and the higher-specification CT80 Bathroom. Both of these pumps also come in a universal variant, which is perfect for negative head applications.

To find out more about Salamander pumps, and browse our range, visit:

The Quietest Shower Pumps on the Market


Showers are much more pleasant and invigorating when they benefit from decent water pressure, and this usually necessitates a shower pump. However, in some cases this solves the problem of low pressure while creating a new problem of noise. If you are struggling with a noisy shower pump, there are a number of things to consider…

shower pumps

The Quietest Pump Models
In our opinion, there are three shower pump models that stand out for their combination of high performance and low noise levels:

• The Stuart Turner Monsoon Range is another pump that stands out for its excellent performance and low noise. Stuart Turner use low voltage, brass bodied pumps with anti-vibration feet to guarantee minimal noise.

• The Salamander CT Force Range is one of the quietest pumps on the market. Salamander has a reputation for producing quiet pumps in general, but this particular model includes noise vibration reduction technology.

• The Grundfos Amazon Range represents probably the quietest of the Grundfos pump range. Grundfos pumps are known for their performance and reliability, and the Amazon range of pumps uses both low-noise motors and anti-vibration feet to deliver minimal noise output.

Other Noise Reducing Methods
While it is difficult to reduce the amount of noise a shower pump makes without exchanging it for a quieter model altogether, there are a few steps you can take. For instance, you might want to place the pump on to a concrete block or specialist noise-reducing mounting pad. This will help to reduce and absorb vibrations, minimising noise.

It is also often worth checking the pipes surrounding a pump and ensuring they are well supported and completely secure. This can help reduce vibrations in the pipework, which can also be caused by noisy shower pumps.

Salamander Home Boost Product Update

With over 20 years’ experience, Salamander’s trusted pumps are made from the highest quality components, the vast majority of which are sourced in the UK. 

Salamander Home Boost

Salamander pumps offer a great solution if you are experiencing poor water pressure or flow at home, where an easy-to-install and cost-effective pump can solve any water pressure problems you may be encountering. This means, no more sluggish performing showers, baths that take a long time to fill or combi-boilers working on go-slow – just high-powered water pressure and flow, as and when you need it.

Salamander is continually looking at ways to improve its already high-performing pumps. With innovation is at the heart of the brand’s ethos, with ease of use and installation also key considerations.

Most recently, Salamander has made a number of changes to its popular Home Boost pump, to enhance the quality of the product to an even elevated level. Through a range of components, the pump is now much easier to install than ever before, making it arguably the UK’s easiest fit shower pump unit

Home Boost is usually connected to 22mm pipe work, which can be fitted using standard nut and olive compression fittings. Salamander appreciates that not all customers have this standard size of pipe work, so it has now made it much easier to install for pipes of different sizes.

For 15mm pipes, for instance, the Home Boost kit comes complete with two reducing sets that can connect the pump to the smaller bore pipe. A set of two 3/4″ tap connectors come with the reducing sets to further increase the ease at which the pump can be installed.

Getting hold of supplies for non-standard fittings is not always that easy for customers, so the news that Salamander is including these items with the kit is positive news. Not only does it mean customers can save time and any inconvenience caused, but they can also make savings.

One of the key features of the Salamander Home Boost pump is how quiet it is. It has already been officially recognised as one of the quietest pumps on the market, and duly awarded with the Quiet Mark from the UK Noise Abatement Society. Read more about the Salamander achieving this award in our latest blog post here.

To further boost the quietness of the pump, Salamander has been working hard to create further improved electronics of the system, to boost better noise quality. This has been achieved through the use of sensor-less motor technology, which has the capability of changing the way that the electronics communicate to the motor, further enhancing noise reduction from the pump.
As one of the most trusted, UK brands of pumps, these new Home Boost features now make the product even more desirable than before.

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Salamander Homeboost Awarded Quiet Mark

We’ve covered the issue of noisy shower pumps numerous times here on the Anchor Pumps blog, therefore we were happy to hear the news from Salamander, that their Homeboost products have received the prestigious “Quiet Mark” award!

Salamander Homeboost products received the international award from the UK NAS, which is awarded to products after independent testing proves the product to be one of the quietest in its class!

The principle was a reduction in water turbulence – if this effect is reduced as water flows through the pump, there will be less vibration. The solution for Salamander was to re-design their products, replacing the metal ends of the motor with a polymer which dampened down the vibrations. The result is a booster pump that generates less noise than the average domestic boiling kettle.

That’s why Salamander Pumps deserves its international award for the quietest of Homeboost pumps, creating a new consumer demand for quieter pumps — something many householders thought was impossible.

There are added benefits to this technology. As well as reducing the water turbulence, the new and improved Salamander design has produced an even better showering experience, proven to dampen down the vibrations and also control all thermal transfer, to avoid sporadic changes in water temperature when showering.

Available from £275 + VAT from Anchor Pumps, the Salamander Homeboost also includes 3 years warranty, free delivery and price match guarantee – and if this wasn’t enough, Anchor Pumps are now also offering £15 cash back on all Salamander Pumps!
Designed to boost low mains water pressure into a domestic house, the Salamander Homeboost is the extremely popular option to help improve low water flow from the mains supply at peak demand times.

This pump also complies with all Water Fitting Regulations and is very energy-efficient, as well as costing significantly less to run than home booster pump of similar power!

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