Month: January 2015

10 of the most incredible hotel bathrooms around the world

When you book a hotel, how much attention do you pay to the bathroom? For most of us, the loo is not the priority although we’d be quick to complain if it were not up to scratch when we book in. We are much more likely to consider the view, the restaurant or the location. However, some hotels have such luxurious en suite bathrooms that they are worth booking for those alone. Here are 10 of the most incredible selected by the team here at Anchor Pumps

The Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa features a bedroom in a tree house with a stunning glass bathroom that gives you 360 degree views of the surrounding reserve. Luxuriate a warm bath while you look out across the African plains for the big five. A snip at £608 pppn.


Speaking of incredible views, the Ritz Carlton suite in Hong Kong features an enormous square Jacuzzi with spectacular, panoramic views of the city. Rather more expensive at £3,165

Anchor Pumps Bathroom 2Fancy a bubble bath outside, under the stars? Try the Star Bath at Sanctuary Baines Camp in Botswana. You’ll be on a wooden platform, high above the River Boro on the edge of a big game reserve.

Anchor Pumps Bathroom 3

For the ultimate luxury bathroom experience, however, you need go no further than Paris and the penthouse suite at four Seasons Hotel George V. The infinity edge bath has a colour therapy system and jacuzzi jets. Unforgettable but eye wateringly expensive at £15,229 pppn.

Anchor Pumps Bathroom 4You can have a similar experience at George V’s sister hotel in the Seychelles for a fraction of the cost at £1,161 pp,pn. Its marble bath appears to be part of the outside infinity pool, though separated by glass walls.

Anchor Pumps Bathroom 5

Renaissance art lovers will adore Il Salviatino in Florence. The Alfresco Suite features a 1886 Bruschi fresco and a beautiful freestanding stone bath.

Anchor Pumps Bathroom 6

Over on the other side of the world on Kangaroo island bathe in style at Southern Ocean Lodge featuring a glorious sculpted granite bath and panoramic views.

Anchor Pumps Bathroom 8

Far closer to home but just as luxurious are the Iconic City View bathrooms in London’s latest skyscraper, the Shard, with breathtaking panoramic views across the city.

Anchor Pumps Bathroom 8If minimalism is more your thing, head for Japan and the Fujiya Inn in Yamagata. The bamboo bathroom ensures serenity and calm in an otherwise hectic world.

Anchor Pumps Bathroom 9

For those who would rather bath a deux, try The Banyan Tree Panorama suite in Shanghai featuring a bath big enough for two or, in our very own Cotswolds, the Oak Suite at Foxhill Manor with two gorgeous his and her baths and a view to die for.

Anchor Pumps Bathroom 10

Have you had the pleasure of bathing in any of the above, spectacular bathrooms? Or stumbled across an incredible hotel bathroom view that we have missed off our list? Share your photos with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Grundfos Pumps & 3 World Leading Sporting Events

Grundfos pumps are one of the leading and trusted pump brands, having successfully been in business for more than 60 years. Supplying pumps for domestic and commercial purposes, such as for water supply, heating and air conditioning, the brand produces more than 16 million pump units every year. The skill, expertise and technological know-how amassed over the years not only ranks them one of the world’s top pump manufacturers, and the brand also proved their industry stature in 2014 by supplying pump solutions to a number of major global sporting events throughout the year.

2014 Winter Olympics Games

Grundfos Pumps Games 1

Sochi in Russia was host to the 2014 Winter Olympics Games, welcoming 2,500 athletes from 88 countries, as well as their teams, then media and visitors from all over the globe. Such a large event as this requires not only the infrastructure for the athletes to compete in the games, but a whole host of supporting facilities and features that were in need of upgrading and modernisation.

Grundfos Pumps took the challenge on with aplomb, and was able to deliver a wide range of pump solutions to support venues and facilities, such as stadiums, the athletes’ villages and the media centre. With such a large influx of people to the area, pumps where supplied to support new power plants, to ensure the provision of fresh water and provide adequate energy capacity, and was also responsible for keeping a new access tunnel safe and provided pump solutions for new hotels.

The remit given was not just to meet the demands of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, but to ensure that in the aftermath of this major sporting event, the facilities could still be efficiently used, thanks to the provision of nearly 400 pumps and pump systems.

2014 World Cup

Grundfos Pumps games2

Brazil is arguably the world’s top country for football, so it was hardly a surprise to discover that Grundfos, one of the world’s top pump suppliers, was called in to get the country up and running for the 2014 World Cup.

It was the second time Brazil hosted the global football event, the first time dating back to 1950. The Maracana Stadium, with its 100,000 capacity, is one of the most famous stadiums in the world, but it required some upgrading to cope with the demands of the more recent World Cup event.

In total, 12 new and upgraded stadia were built, and the global manufacturer stepped up to supply of all the pumps needed to meet the new requirements. 23 booster sets were installed to delivered water to where it was needed, and other solutions were put in place to support the water supply, wastewater, air conditioning, field irrigation and fire-fighting systems. The booster solutions helped to identify variations in water flow, so the pumps could regulate speed, whilst maintaining pressure and flow.

2014 Commonwealth Games

Grundfos pumps games

Glasgow in Scotland was the location of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and once again Grundfos Pumps provided the solutions to ensure this big event was a winning success.

With 6,500 athletes and their teams from over 71 countries, converging on the city, together with a swarm of visitors, multiple pump solutions where supplied to ensure all the venues, sport centres and supporting facilities and features had efficient, gold-standard water supplies, for the event and beyond.

 Find out more about Grundfos Pumps and shop the full range of products online today here at Anchor Pumps! 

8 Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter!

As the temperature dips, frozen water pipes can be an inconvenient and costly to repair!

To avoid any disasters in the form of a burst pipe, the team here at Anchor Pumps have put together 8 top tips to keep your pipes in one piece and thaw those that are already frozen throughout the cold winter months;

frozen pipes

1. First of all, locate the water stop tap and make sure it functions correctly.

It may be under the sink or in a cupboard near to the boiler – knowing the location of the stop tap will enable you to turn off the water supply as quickly as possible should a pipe burst!

2. Make sure you to keep your home at a warm temperature as often as you can, even if you are likely to be absent.

The heating does not have to be at full blast – just a reasonable background heat to keep the worst of the cold away.

3. Lag all pipes as far as possible – this will insulate them from freezing and prevent any leaks.

4. Once the weather becomes unusually cold, leave cupboard doors, doors to attics and cellars open to allow warm air to circulate. This way, there will be little chance for any unlagged pipes or tanks to freeze over.

5. Make sure that all taps are turned off correctly if you still have the old-fashioned variety of tap rather than a mixer. A dripping tap is prone to freezing in cold weather.

6. Keep the telephone number of your plumber and at least two other local plumbers to hand to call in any emergency. In extreme weather, your usual choice could be busy!

7. If the pipes do freeze, do not attempt to unfreeze them with an electric heater as this could cause further damage and even electrical faults.

8. Thaw any frozen pipe by placing a hot water bottle over it and slowly moving it from the tap end of the pipe outwards to the other side. It is important to never attempt to use any type of a naked flame!

But if a pipe does burst..
There are a number of things you can do to quickly and effectively minimise the damage that flooding will cause!

As stated above, make sure you know in advance where the stopcock is located within your home to turn off the water supply quickly.If you are concerned about the risk of flood damage, it’s worth investing in a sump pump which will allow you to quickly pump away flood water, reducing the damage flood water will leave to your home.