Month: August 2014

Q&A with Salamander Pumps expert “Big Malc”

In June 2014, we welcomed the team from leading manufacturer Salamander pumps to our offices for some very useful, in-depth product training. During the visit, we had a chance to meet with Big Malc – one of the most experienced members of the Salamander team. His experience and knowledge of the brand and products is impeccable, therefore we decided to ask Big Malc a few questions to share his great product knowledge with our customers….

Salamander Pumps

1. How long have you worked for Salamander?
I have been with Salamander now for 14 years and in that time have worked as a helpdesk advisor, customer service manager and now in my present role as technical/training manager. In recent years, I have seen all facets of the business go from strength to strength.

2. What do you think makes Salamander such a great brand?
Without doubt it’s the design and reliability of the product. All our pumps are fully tested before leaving our factory. The customer service support supplied through our helpdesk and national sales force is second to none.

3. How has the Salamander range changed / improved since you joined the team?
When I first started 14 years ago, new product development within the company was limited, but that’s changed. We have invested significantly in the R&D department, which is now making real progress in the development of new product design and materials. You only need to look at the new CT Xtra and CT Force shower pumps, not to mention the ground breaking HomeBoost mains booster pump to see that we are leading the field in technology and innovation.

4. What are your thoughts on the new Salamander product ranges?
The hallmarks of reliability, quality & value for money run right through our product portfolio. In addition, low operational noise has become a priority for all domestic products and that is now a major feature of all our pumps. You will see that we have recently been awarded the Quiet Mark for HomeBoost, from the UK Noise Abatement Society, confirming it as the quietest pump of its type against all competitors that were tested.

5. How would you describe Salamander in 3 words?
This is a hard question as the Salamander name represents many strong features and benefits – but I’d have to say QUALITY, SERVICE, VALUE.

3 Reasons Why We Love Stuart Turner Pumps!

Stuart Turner is one of the top, leading pump brands on the market, trusted by homeowners and businesses worldwide. There are endless reasons why the team at Anchor Pumps and our customers love Stuart Turner Pumps – here are our top three reasons why we highly recommend this great pump manufacturer…

Stuart Turner pumps

1. Made in the UK
Stuart Turner has a huge range of products for a vast variety of applications. Unlike most brands, their products produced right here in the UK, and as a UK business, it’s always nice to see a “Made in the UK” label on the products we sell to our customers.

Keeping the manufacture of their pumps close to home allows Stuart Turner to also keep a much closer eye on both quality and manufacturing standards of their products.

2. Special Offers
Stuart Turner pumps offer high quality and great performance at affordable prices, but as if this wasn’t enough to make them into an attractive purchase, here at Anchor Pumps we are now offering a range of promotions on Stuart Turner Products. Until 31st August, if you buy selected Stuart Turner macerator pumps online from Anchor Pumps, you will receive a free £25 Marks & Spencer voucher, which can be spent in any M&S store in the UK and online.

Find out more about this great Stuart Turner promotion here!

3. History of Excellence
The company has a long history marked by continued excellence. Stuart Turner was first incorporated in 1906 and has found continual success ever since. Over many years the company has made a substantial variety of pumps and even a motorcycle engine or two, always delivering exceptional quality and ground-breaking innovation.

Stuart Turners vast history provides customers with a decade-long track record, proving the quality of their products. It is both the quality and Stuart Turner’s proven history that has made this UK manufacturer one of the top selling pumps manufactures worldwide.

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Top 5 Best Selling Drainage Pumps

Here at Anchor Pumps, we stock a wide selection of drainage pumps from a choice of leading brands. To help you narrow down your buying decision, we take a closer look at the 5 bestselling drainage pumps sold last month here at Anchor Pumps, from key manufacturers ABS & Grundfos.

Drainage pumps

1) ABS Robusta 200TS
As the name suggests, this pump is built to be robust and reliable, offering users a number of beneficial features such as a convenient 10-metre power cable and a built-in non-return valve, which means the flow will not reverse once it is powered down.
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2) Grundfos KP250-A-1
With a durable stainless-steel chassis and a host of excellent applications for use, including the drainage of pools, cellars and tanks, this pump from Grundfos is a highly functional option which can handle liquids as well as suspended solids of up to 1cm in diameter.
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3) Lowara DOC 3/A
The DOC 3/A is capable of tackling drainage requirements involving both clean and dirty water, with its long 11m power cable letting you put it in a variety of locations without having to seek out an extension. It can be immersed at a maximum of five metres and pump liquids as cold as 0 degrees C or as warm as 40 degrees C, making it a great all-weather choice.
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4) Grundfos KP250-AV-1
One of the benefits offered by this pump is its ability to not only survive periods of dry running, but actively detect when this occurs and automatically power down to help keep the motor intact. Quality components and materials used in its construction further enhance its reputation, and it is a suitable choice for home use as well as deployment in commercial circumstances.
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5) ABS Robusta 300TS
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Robusta 300TS is a powerful portable pump that will make short work of any drainage requirements that it has to fulfil. The fact that the retail package includes a hose adapter and a non-return valve is also a bonus.
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Anchor Pumps – Official recommended retailer for new Salamander pumps website

Leading shower pump manufacturer Salamander Pumps have launched an engaging consumer support website “Water Pressure Problems” specifically designed to help answer the most common customer queries surrounding low water pressure within the home.


The new website, which launched last month, includes video and graphics that answer consumer questions in a straightforward, visual format. The site includes a comprehensive FAQ section answering a selection of the most commonly asked questions such as “Why does it take a long time to run a bath?” and “How can I measure my water pressure?”.

By also focusing on the causes of low of water pressure, the new “Water Pressure Problems” site explores effective solutions to fix the problem, recommending three specialist suppliers to consumers.

With hundreds of leading businesses stocking the salamander products, Anchor Pumps are pleased to be have been recognised by Salamander as an industry specialist with an official recommended retail listing on the new website.

Warren Holmes, Managing Director at Anchor Pumps said “We are pleased to have been recognised by Salamander as an outstanding supplier and have the opportunity to feature as part of their new, engaging website. Salamander have fast becoming one of the most trusted manufacturers in the pump sector, and the team at Anchor Pumps are pleased to be involved with this new, innovative project which is focused on providing helpful information to customers.”

Sales & Marketing Director Chris Vallance said “The new consumer website will answer enough questions to give consumers the confidence to talk to their plumber about improving the water performance in their home. Our aim is to bring the consumer and the installer together at a point where the purchase decision is ready to be made, so this becomes a significant lead generation programme for our loyal installer base”.


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Top 3 water rides in the world & the secrets behind their water pump systems

When it comes to a day out at a theme park, as the UK’s leading pump supplier, it’s always the impressive water attractions that catch our eye! We take a closer look at some of the top water rides and the impressive water pumps and pumping systems powering these great attractions!

Congo River Rapids – Alton Towers, Staffordshire

One of the top attractions at Staffordshire based theme park Alton Towers, the Congo River rapids uses a main pumping system to push over 50,000 litres of water up from the lowest gradient of the rapids, back up to the high point, providing the thrilling rides water with its flow and pace.

Spread across 12 acres of the theme park, the Congo River rapids homes its own electricity substation, and a 1.3 million gallon reservoir to store the water for the popular ride. Built in 1986, impressively it takes only 15 minutes to fill the ride’s channel up from empty once the water pumps have been switched on, which ensures that the ride is quickly ready for action, allowing up to 1800 riders per hour to enjoy the rapids (and get a good soaking!)


Splash Mountain – Walt Disney World, Florida

One of Disney land Flordia’s biggest log flume rides, Splash Mountain has a terrifying 5-story, 45-degree waterfall final drop, which riders experience at an exhilarating 40 mph! Guests can expect to get soaked through on this attraction, which includes an eye watering 950,000 gallons of water, 3 huge dips and a massive 5-story waterfall – just in case you aren’t wet enough!

With over 1,500 riders enjoying Splash Mountain each hour, the ride uses four main water pumps that pump out over 20,000 gallons per minute to support the ride, along with and a reservoir that stores 475,000 gallons of water for backup.

When doing our research, we found this blog post filled with hilarious photos of Splash Mountain riders enjoying the drop – it will certainly


Jurassic Park: The Ride – Universal Studios, California

Opened in 1996 by Steven Spielberg himself, “Jurassic Park: The Ride” took 6 years to make and cost over $110 million Dollars to build – which is amazingly twice as much as it cost to make the movie.

The water ride includes a number of steep drops and waterfalls, concluding with a frightening 84-foot plunge, which was the largest theme park water descent ever constructed when built in 96’.
The ride uses over $10,000 worth of water pumps to push riders up the step gradient before the huge plunge at the end of the ride. Over 3,000 riders per hour experience the ride at Universal studios, all plunging in to a remarkable river filled with 1.5 million gallons of recycled water, ensuring every rider experiences a pretty good soaking!

water pumps

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