Month: December 2013

Merry Christmas from Anchor Pumps!

Christmas is nearly here! On behalf of the entire team here at Anchor Pumps, we would like to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

At Anchor Pumps we have recently revamped our online store, and we are pleased to enter 2014 with an even better website that is sure to help all of our dedicated customers find the exact products they are looking for, while ensuring you always enjoy your shopping experience with us.

2013 has been a fantastic year for Anchor Pumps, and we are happy to have helped our customers in their search for reliable pump solutions. Our extensive range of pumps includes shower pumps, heating circulator pumps, domestic sanitary pumps, submersible pumps and rainwater harvesting pumps – to name just a few of the quality pump solutions that you can purchase on our online store!

In addition to our varied range of pump solutions, we also have a competitive selection of leading pump manufacturers. Brands available to buy on our online store include Grundfos, Lowara, Stuart Turner, KSB and Flotec, as well as many other reputable pump manufacturers.

For pumps that you can rely in, look no further than the quality range of pumps available to buy online at Anchor Pumps. Our strong experience working in the pump industry means that we are also on hand to give our customers expert advice on all of the pump applications that we sell!

Merry Christmas from Anchor Pumps!


Stock up on Pump Spares with Anchor Pumps

The winter months mean that the demand for reliable heating and hot water is at its highest. Whether a heating system breaks or requires modification over the winter months, the last thing you want is to wait a few days to find the correct parts – this is not ideal as the temperatures gradually get colder and colder. If you’re an installer you are sure to know the importance of having the right parts and pump spares for your customers, this will help ensure a quick and simple repair.

pump spares

Here at Anchor Pumps we want to make sure all of our customers are properly stocked up with right parts all winter long, and that’s why you will find a competitive selection of pump spares and parts on our online store.

Whatever the brand of pump that requires repair or modification, you are sure to find the right part at Anchor Pumps as we stock spares from many leading pump manufacturers including Grundfos, Lowara, Stuart Turner and Flotec – to name a few of the quality pump brands we sell online.

 If a circulator pump needs a replacement part over the winter season, simply check out the full range of parts for circulator pumps to help get the pump back up and running – great for preparing for any repairs over the festive season!

Make sure you’re ready for any repairs or pump modifications this winter by stocking up on pump spares at Anchor Pumps.

Prepare for those January DIY Jobs with Anchor Pumps

January may be the time of year that we all kick start those health and fitness resolutions, however many of us are increasingly setting ourselves DIY resolutions instead – you know, all of those DIY jobs around the home that you said you’d get done last January! Make sure you stick to any DIY resolutions you set yourself in 2014 by enlisting the help of expert pump solutions available to buy from Anchor Pumps.

Anchor Pumps

Fix that Underperforming Shower
Are you settling for second best when it comes to the performance of your shower? If your shower system is underperforming with a low flow rate, it may be time to install a shower pump. At Anchor Pumps you will find a variety of shower pumps that can be installed with various different shower systems including negative and positive head systems. A shower pump boosts the flow rate to reveal a more powerful and enjoyable shower experience.

Sort out the Basement
Another issue in the home that you may want to sort out in 2014 is a flooding basement. Flooding can cause problems in the basement as well as the rest of the home. One way of safeguarding your basement against flooding is to install a submersible pump. Submersible pumps by manufacturers such as Grundfos are installed in areas that are subject to vulnerable to flooding, once the pump’s float switch reaches a certain height it triggers the pump which will then pump away any excess flood water in the basement.

Upgrade an Inefficient Heating System
If you have found your energy bills to be quite high this year, it may be that you have an underperforming circulator pump which is using far more energy than required. Switching an inefficient D-labelled pump to one of the latest EuP approved A-Labelled pumps could see you saving up to 80% in energy use – lowering those bills as a result!

Got DIY jobs to do around the home this New Year? Don’t delay, pick up the essential pump solutions you may need by checking out effective pump applications available to buy online at Anchor Pumps.

Grundfos Pumps Introduce New Circulator Range

Grundfos have recently added to their range of circulator pumps with three new models; the UPS2 PH, ALPHA2L and the ALPHA2. With easy to install, compact designs, each of these new circulator pumps boasts its own unique benefits. To help make choosing the right pump for a heating circulation’s requirements, Grundfos have recently created an educational video teaching viewers about each of these new pumps in the range.

Grundfos Pumps

All of the new circulator pumps exceed current EuP legislation for energy use, making them ideal replacements for any older pumps that do not meet the current requirements. The easy to install designs mean that replacing the pump head has never been easier!

Here is a bit of information on each new pump from the range…

The USP2 PH is a great choice for installation in areas where space may be an issue. The versatile control box positioning allows for easy installation as it can be positioned to the left, right or at the top. Providing 4m, 5m and 6m performance, the USP2 PH is really like 3 pumps in one, giving you more flexibility at a lower investment cost.

The ALPHA2L is an effective pump for using in a variety of domestic heating circulations. Highly energy efficient, the ALPHA2 also offers a compact design, it is plug and pump so there is no need to open terminal box. This self venting pump is completed with sophisticated pressure control.

The latest and most innovative member of the new range of circulator pumps, the ALPHA2L features a modern LED display panel. As one of the most energy efficient of pumps on the market, the ALPHA2 pump is completed with the Grundfos AUTOADAPT function, this means that the ALPHA2 continually adapts to its most efficient function.

Find out more about this compact and truly energy efficient range of Grundfos pumps by checking out the above video!