Month: December 2012

Grundfos Launch New MAGNA3 Pumps

With the upcoming EuP guidelines coming into effect next year, Grundfos have added to their selection of ‘future-proof’ pumps with the new range of MAGNA3 pumps. The new range of state-of-the-art MAGNA3 circulator pumps will be available to buy from Anchor Pumps this January, each Grundfos MAGNA3 pump aims to set new standards within the pump industry.

The MAGNA range of circulator pumps has been hailed as revolutionary ever since the first MAGNA pump was launched back in 2001. Upholding the innovative values of predecessor MAGNA pumps, the MAGNA3 family stands out against other pumps and has been referred to as the most efficient pump available to the market today.

Grundfos MAGNA3

In addition to its energy efficient design, the MAGNA3 pump also leads the way in terms of technology. Featuring a new user-friendly wireless interface, Grundfos GO, users can monitor, set and control MAGNA3 pumps by using an iPhone, iPad or any other similar device. The innovative design of the MAGNA3 has already achieved critical acclaim at this year’s prestigious Danish Design Awards, where it was named as the winner in the Industrial Design category.

The MAGNA3 pump features the modern AUTOADAPT feature found within other MAGNA pumps however new features such as FLOWADAPT and FLOWLIMIT have been implemented to control and set maximum flow limits.

Along with easy installation and a high-resolution colour display, the MAGNA3 is certainly one of the most modern pumps around. In addition to its high-tech design, the MAGNA3 has undergone 1 million tests hours in extreme conditions to ensure it is a pump that is built to last.

The new MAGNA3 range of Grundfos pumps will be available to buy from Anchor Pumps this January.

5 Year Guarantee on Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pumps

New to Anchor Pumps is the great value 5 year guarantee available across the range of Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pumps. Established in 1906, Stuart Turner pumps have created a huge range of pump solutions that both domestic and commercial environments have relied on for various uses and this 5 year guarantee on Monsoon shower pumps adds even more dependability to the Stuart Turner name.

stuart turner monsoon

This 5 year guarantee gives peace of mind that when you buy a Monsoon shower pump you know you are buying a quality that you can trust in. Each Monsoon shower pump is available with an initial 3 year guarantee which can then be extended by registering your shower pump online at the Stuart Turner website (

Stuart Turner Monsoon shower pumps are specially designed to meet power showering demands. If you have an under-performing shower, a Monsoon shower pump will boost the flow rate to make for a more powerful and invigorating shower experience every time. At Anchor Pumps we sell Stuart Turner pumps in various voltages and specifications to suit a number of different shower systems. With a durable brass body, Stuart Turner Monsoon shower pumps come in a variety of sizes for easy installation. Each Monsoon shower pump features anti-vibration feet to ensure quiet operation.

At Anchor Pumps we sell Monsoon shower pumps for positive and negative head applications. Browse the complete range of Monsoon shower pumps at Anchor Pumps to take advantage of this fantastic value manufacturer’s guarantee. Make sure you register your Stuart Turner Monsoon pump online at to extend your guarantee to 5 years.