Month: November 2012

EuP Ready Pumps from Grundfos

A new EuP directive comes into force this upcoming January and is guaranteed to change the face of the standalone circulator market in Europe forever. This new legislation, conceded by the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament back in 2005, will allow for only the most energy efficient of electrical using products (EuPs) to be used. This means that only EuP ready circulator pumps will be available for purchase and installation within the EU.

At Anchor Pumps, we want to ensure that all of our customers remain “EuP ready”. To make sure you are prepared for these regulation changes, at Anchor Pumps we offer a variety of “future-proof” Grundfos pumps which will keep you in line with the guideline requirements.

Grundfos are world leaders in pump solutions and have remained ready for these EuP requirements for plenty of years. Grundfos pumps that meet the criteria of the new EuP directive include Grundfos Alpha2 and Magna circulators. The changes to the directive will see the previous A – G energy label replaced with an Energy Efficiency Index, an index that has already been applied to Alpha2 and Magna pumps for quite some time now.

The new index will see energy savings of up to 80% when an average D labelled circulator pump is swapped for an EuP ready pump. This new directive will allow for energy savings as well as even more environmentally friendly circulator pump production. The incredibly durable and reliable Magna and Alpha2 Grundfos pumps have already proven themselves as high performance and energy efficient pumps for a number of years now, and their future-proof design will see them acting as energy saving circulator pumps for plenty of years to come too.

Keep yourself in line with changes to EuP legislation with “EuP ready” Grundfos pumps, including Magna and Alpha2 circulator pumps, which are available to purchase now from Anchor Pumps.

Expert Pump Services from Anchor Pumps

In addition to offering one of the most competitive and complete range of pump solutions around, at Anchor Pumps we also provide our customers with pump installation services as well as a variety of other high quality services too.

The team at Anchor Pumps have over 100 years collective experience working with pumps, with many members of the Anchor Pumps team having worked within the pump industry for their entire professional backgrounds. We use this strong level of expertise to provide customers with expert information on all of our pump solutions and also use our knowledge to help with everything from pump installation to our specialist pipework fabrication service.

Whether it’s a broken pump that you want replacing or repaired, you can come directly to Anchor Pumps for a free no obligation estimate on any repairs or replacements. Our skilled team can quickly identify a problem and help advise you of the best solution such as our onsite installation service or full workshop repair service.

If you are choosing a pump replacement, you will be happy to hear that at Anchor Pumps we carry out meticulous testing within our pump testing facilities, this ensures that our range of pumps, pump accessories and spares are all working to the highest specification to provide you with a lasting quality with every product you choose from us. For further peace of mind, we also provide a 12 month warranty on all of the repairs and replacements that we carry out.

So whether you require a repair or replacement for a Grundfos pump, a Lowara pump or a Viking pump, at Anchor Pumps we offer a complete repairs and replacement service across a huge range of pump brands and pump types. Please feel free to get in touch with us today for further information on our repair services.

Rainwater Harvesting Pumps from Anchor Pumps

There is a growing importance to rainwater harvesting (RWH) and this is mainly related to areas that may experience drought at certain times of the year. The importance of RWH has been highlighted by the Environment Agency in the UK, which recommends the use of rainwater harvesting systems as a way of saving water. At Anchor Pumps we sell a range of rainwater harvesting systems from leading pump manufacturers such as KSB pumps.

Rainwater harvesting can be used for a variety of domestic applications, making rainwater harvesting systems essential pieces of equipment for anyone conscious of the environment. Rainwater can be collected for use in non-hygienic domestic purposes such as for watering gardens, washing clothes and flushing toilets. Rather than letting rainwater simply go to waste, rainwater harvesting pumps allow you to take full advantage of having a natural water supply in the home.

At Anchor Pumps we sell rainwater harvesting pumps such as the KSB Hya-Rain N Rainwater Harvesting Pump. This pump is suitable for a variety of uses including rainwater utilisation, irrigation systems and for use with sprinkling systems. KSB have provided innovative pump and valve technology for a range of pump applications for over 130 years and this leading level of quality can be seen in KSB rainwater harvesting systems too.

Crafted from a durable stainless steel for lasting performance, the KSB Hya-Rain N Rainwater Harvesting Pump makes it easy to utilise rainwater. It features a compact design and can be easily and quickly installed by an experienced fitter. The compact design means it can be fitted into many family homes.

If you want to take advantage of utilising rainwater in your home for a variety of domestic applications then please browse the full range of rainwater harvesting pumps available now from Anchor Pumps.

Best Deals on Pumps with Anchor Pumps Special Offers

Make sure you don’t miss out on the latest offers and discounts on pumps and pump supplies by checking out our huge selection of special offers. From domestic to industrial uses, pumps are indispensable tools for aiding a variety of applications from boosting water pressure to clearing out flooded areas, and at Anchor Pumps you will find high quality and high performance pumps and pump accessories at exclusive special offer prices.

Anchor Pumps

At Anchor Pumps, we are associated with all major pump suppliers including Flotec, Lowara and Blagdon, we are also the largest UK Grundfos Water Group distributor, so you know that whatever pump you choose from us it will be of the highest quality from leading pump manufacturers.

Great deals not to miss at the moment include a huge range of Grundfos pumps and Lowara pumps. With more than half price savings on Lowara Submersible Dirty Water Pumps and fantastic discounts on Grundfos booster pumps, great savings are available on a variety of pumps including different specifications – making it easy to find the right pump to match your system’s requirements.

Another top offer available now from Anchor Pumps is on our Flotec Waterpress Home Booster Set. With half price savings on our 24L and 50L models, this domestic pump is a valuable application for boosting inadequate natural water pressure in the home. Made from a durable stainless steel, each tank features a food grade membrane to avoid water contact with tank walls.

If you want to boost the performance of water pressure or are looking for a high performance pump that will last and last, take advantage of great savings on new pumps with special offers from Anchor Pumps available now.

Boost Shower Performance with Danube Low Voltage Pumps

Give your current shower system an invigorating boost with Grundfos shower pumps. At Anchor Pumps, we sell a whole range of Grundfos shower pumps including high performance yet quiet Danube Low Voltage Pumps. Grundfos pumps are a popular choice for a variety of pump solutions. Each pump is created to ensure a lasting quality, reliability and constant effectiveness.

Manufactured by one of the world’s leading pump suppliers, Grundos, the Danube Low Voltage range of shower pumps are some of the quietest shower pumps around. With built in anti-vibrate feet to reduce noise, Danube Low Voltage Pumps are quiet to run but don’t lose the high performance factor that is so associated with Grundfos Watermill Pumps, meaning you get a truly refreshing shower experience.

Available in single head and twin head functions, as these pumps are low-voltage they are safe to fit in under-bath applications. Crafted from high durability materials to ensure a lasting design, each Danube pump features flexible stainless steel hoses and are fitted with long life carbon graphite and high density ceramic seals.

Choose from single head, twin head and negative head twin impeller pumps to find the right shower pump to boost the flow rate of your existing shower system. Whichever pump you choose you are guaranteed a high quality shower experience without any loud operating noise.

Grundfos Danube Low Voltage Pumps are just some of the high performance shower pumps available to buy now at great value prices from Anchor Pumps.