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Blagdon Pump was originally founded in the early 1950’s in the North East of England as a specialist pump manufacturer. We commenced the production of air operated double diaphragm pumps in 1979. Blagdon soon became a market leader resulting in IDEX Corporation acquiring the business in 1997 to strengthen their position in the double diaphragm market.

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In November 2009 all operations were transferred to the Viking facility in Shannon and IDEX Pump Technology was formed.

Blagdon Pump offer a range of pumps in both metallic and non-metallic options, from ¼” up to 3” along with a range of EHEDG certified hygienic pumps, high pressure 2:1 pumps and FDA compliant pumps. Blagdon Pump also carries ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

As well as the standard range of pumps Blagdon can also offer a bespoke service for any special one off pump requirements.

Blagdon pumps can be used in the following duties: liquid transfer, slurry handling, filter feeding, circulation, de-watering, low pressure spray supply, tank/sump/barrel/drum filling and emptying, batching/mixing/metering/dosing and chemical injection. Typical applications being, food processing, chemicals, paints, electronics, construction, industrial maintenance, utilities, process industries, wastewater and sludge processing, and mining.